By thenewgirl29 - Canada - Sherwood Park
Today, the guy I've been seeing for a few months told me he couldn't stay overnight because his mom would yell at him for not coming home. We're both 30 and I didn't know he still lived at home. FML
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  I_Bite  |  22

there is a chance he works away from home and can't be bothered to rent a place he won't be living in half the time. cheaper to stay with family.
or she may be sick and need him at home

  iAlissa  |  34

Actually, that was super fucking shallow of me. There's so many factors or possibilities... Could be married, mom could be unwell and he cares for her, he or his mom may not be financially able to support themselves alone.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

64- you're totally right that there could be a valid reason for him to be living with his mom, but to be worried about getting in trouble for not coming home at age 30? No. That's not normal. Either he's lying/making excuses to OP for one reason or another, which is a pretty big red flag, or he's telling the truth in which case he needs to grow up and stand up to his mother, and she needs to learn to let go. Either way, not the best situation to get involved in...