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Today, I learned that my 29-year-old boyfriend won't stay the night at my house because he lives at home with his parents and doesn't want to have "the discussion" with his mom about me. FML
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Because if the guy is 29 and afraid of the sex talk with mommy, it’s a child still


Logan Mueth 3

Why is this always the immediate advice? Not to try and work things out first, and have a conversation about it.

If it was something simpler, I'd agree. But a 29-years-old who can't stand up for himself and his significant other to parents that apparently won't let him do basic things like staying over at his significant other and essentially lets them treat him like a 12-years-old is a gigantic problem. I wouldn't say dump him immediately but OP would be prepared to go separate ways if it can't be worked out. That's just not a healthy situation.

Because if the guy is 29 and afraid of the sex talk with mommy, it’s a child still

MamaChey 24

By “the discussion”, I assume that OP means the sex talk? Poor Mama has no idea that the train probably left the station and decade or more ago. Mothers or Titty babies are hard to compete with. Hopefully, little Johnny will grow up at some point

Sonotsuave 34

Wtf? Dude date a grown up, not a man child. I

Skydome6666 6

talk about having mummy issues

if he's still your boyfriend then ydi. find yourself a grown up.

This is the norm nowadays with COL being high (or young adults not managing their money well).

CookieMonsterNomNom 10

This guy isn’t worth it. You should dump him.