By forever alone - 09/05/2015 23:03 - Germany - Apolda

Today, my boyfriend told me that we wouldn't move in together as we had planned to do for a long time. His mother forbade it. He is 27. FML
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iAmPaul 49

If he's still tethered like that to his mother at 27, he doesn't sound ready for a committed relationship.

he sounds easy to whip


he sounds easy to whip

Time to cut the umbilical cord

Although at age 27 it seems absurd, It's hard for some mothers to let go.

does he live with his mom still?

iAmPaul 49

If he's still tethered like that to his mother at 27, he doesn't sound ready for a committed relationship.

His relationship with his mom seems pretty committed

If he's gonna put his mum first in such a big way... Is he really worth living with?

Hahahaha!!!!! He sounds like a pussy. May be you should return his balls so he can use them to stand up to his mum!

Something tells me they're tucked tightly in mom's purse, not OP's.

Ha, I guess by your comment have never had a long term girl friend or wife.

I guess by your comment you've never felt mutual respect between yourself and a long-term girlfriend or wife.

Dude, I have been married for 12 years. My wife rules the house. And no where in the previous comment did I say it was a bad thing :)

Congrats, I'm happy for you. :) I just won't take part in a relationship where one half is greater than the other, and I don't think my comment had any correlation with what you mentioned.

You will understand one day my young friend :)

23- If that's the way you like your relationship, good for you! But not everyone's relationship has to be exactly like yours to be successful.

If by understand, you mean be in a healthy relationship where we both have respect for each other and I'm the leader my wife wants me to be, then sure. I bet you're going to tell me that you're endlessly happy next.

he should grow some balls

Tell him that, yes sometimes mothers know best, but there is a time when he needs to grow up and find his own way, because sometimes we know best instead.

Sounds like OPs boyfriend will be making x wing fighter sandwiches with his mom in no time

I'm curious as to if he still lives with his mother, if so you most likely should've seen it coming

he doesn't want to, he's just using his mom as an excuse.

Makes me wonder if the mother really forbid it, or if she is just an easy excuse for his cold feet.