By Anonymous - Romania - Bucharest
Today, my boyfriend threw a fit because I "still" live with my mother at age 30. I bought her an apartment in my building and hired a live-in nurse because she is senile and permanently bedridden. FML
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If she is bed ridden and in need of the services of a live in professional care giver then he really shouldn't need it to be explained to him, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. So not only is he an immature jackass, but possibly a complete idiot as well.

By  devildog562  |  33

I can understand it's frustrating to date someone who is compassionate and takes care of their family. He should definitely dump you. Op you should grow up and treat your family like shit so you boyfriend could be the centre of attention.


How dare she divert some of her attention towards her "loved one" who is "in need"? That attention needs to be focused solely on him, where it belongs. How very selfish of her, how does she live with herself?

By  irishmaiden78  |  23

I am proud that you have stepped up to care for your mother like that. Please, do not let his childish demeanor get you down. If someone has to be that immature when it comes to something like that, they really won't understand or don't care to. I'm hoping it works out for you, what ever direction you decide to choose.

By  Araj_Hs  |  19

If he is actually loves you, he will understand and stop being a whining cunt. You are doing nothing wrong, OP. Keep going! If he does not understand, you are better off without him.