By smurfisurfer1 - 12/12/2011 07:44 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I got into trouble with his mother for me still being at their house at 1:00 am. I'm 24, he's 22 and we really were studying. FML
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Studying the regions of each other?

duckie227 22

You kept him up past his bed time and made mommy mad. Bad girlfriend...


Studying the regions of each other?

Good grades will come with their praise Hey it rhymes... Sorta

reproductive biology

They were studying anatomy. Clearly they're hands-on learners.

Yes it rhymes, 6. Its one of those "fake rhymes" as its called. Like 'Call' and 'Hall' are "Perfect rhymes" since they both have the same ending sound when you pronounce them. Hey, I own a book called "How to rap", don't blame me!

theten_fml 9

19..... Shhhhh

enonymous 8

Doesn't matter what age you are or he is. He's living with his mom so it's her house her rules.

Were you giving demonstrations for the reproductive biology studying?

Laying down his momma's rules

I'm guessing you have a Sex Ed test coming up.

maybe it's time to grow up and get his own place instead of living with his parents

raney150 0

126, if they are in college they may not have the money to be able to do that

Hmmm, laying down more than just momma's rules.

The fact that you were studying fellatio techniques didn't escape his mother, it appears.

FYLDeep 25

Hey, that's valuable knowledge Doc.

What's in the patient this time?

Looks like a condom :O

FYLDeep 25

There's nothing in him. He was wearing a cock ring. He mentions it on his blog.

duckie227 22

You kept him up past his bed time and made mommy mad. Bad girlfriend...

jeob1992 8


She's two years older than her boyfriend just like me =D

drlove78843 6

Duckie - my work is at white lake

TonyIsMyDog 2

That's funny - you've got 69 thumbs up. Get it? Sex! Yeah!! Bow chicky bow wowww

duckie227 22

89 - where at?

Time to move out

theten_fml 9

Time to stop preying on younger guys!!! Haha jk

Time to stop posting ignorant comments.

crackz12 10

If you came to the conclusion that OP has to move out i think you better reread this fml

desireev 17

At that age, y'all should be investing in a house or apartment or something. But mom sounds like a bitch. FYL

Ya because students are well known for having money to throw down on stuff like houses.

LiveLaughFML 10

in this day and economy, a twenty two year old moving out of their parents house is more and more unlikely.

kaykaymonster 0

Most college kids live with there parents till they are 22 or 23. Not all people have rich parents, or a career in exotic dancing.

Maybe you have a bad rep? Or she's just overbearing/protective Regardless Tsk tsk tsk, you know better, his curfew is 8

Mommies a control freak bitch. You better realize that if you continue to hook up and beyond with this guy!

Well he lives with his parents so that's kinda the price you have to pay...makes me wonder how you "got in trouble"

Agreed. Her house, her rules. Maybe she had to be up early and just doesn't want company that late. If he doesn't like it, time to move out

Studying eachothers anatomy

Time for you two to either get commited and move into your own house with eachother or break up. Actually it depends on how long youve been together, so scratch that. But really.

duckie227 22

Like talking in circles much? Or just like the sound if your own voice?