By WTTFFFF - 09/05/2014 17:24 - United States - Tecumseh

Today, the creepy kid who sits behind me in English class decided that sniffing my hair wasn't disturbing enough for his liking, so he tried something new: popping one of the pimples on my neck. When I reacted in horror, all he could say was, "It looked pretty..." FML
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Maybe it's time to ask for a seat change.

At least you have pretty neck pimples... I think?


Maybe it's time to ask for a seat change.

Across the room. Out of the door. In the next classroom. On the other side of campus.

I think she should move to the other side of the country... And possibly change her name.

Maybe a dash of pepper spray might make him go away.

And then bake at 350 degrees until golden brown

At least you have pretty neck pimples... I think?

I meant to vote you up! not down.. I don't know why we can't undo those things.

It also happens to me, #29. People down vote me all the time, but I'm pretty sure that it happens by accident >.

You really don't need to post a comment to say you accidentally downvoted :)

ChristianH39 30

You really don't need to post a comment telling someone else not to post a comment saying that they don't need to post a comment about down voting another person

RedPillSucks 31

You are awesome and keep being awesome

The definitive worst advice on FML. I didn't think I would live to see the day.

Yeah, acting the same way as he does might make the creepy guy think OP is the one.

Scubanaut 13

Fighting fire with fire type advice is never a problem solver. Ever tried it actually? You end up with a bigger fire and a lot of burned things.

Actually I have tried it. I had a guy being to intense saying he loved me after day 2 of knowing him, coming around my house, calling my cell and even somehow my family's house phone, calling my cell until I picked up over and over and if I hung up he would call again until I turned my phone off. We were about to change the numbers and act more drastically when I had a thought, to annoy the shit out of him. So I would answer the phone and when he would talk I would interrupted him saying how awesome he was and how I missed him. He would get mad at me for interrupting him, I would ask him how he could get mad at me if I was saying what he wanted to hear. He would get so frustrated he started calling me crazy (which I couldn't care less of his opinion) and hang up. He stopped shortly after and never to be herd of again. It's been something like 8 years so I'm good.

"Year 8. She still think I am a lamp"

RedPillSucks 31

@39 Lucky. You could have gotten a violent stalker who decided to up the ante to call your bluff.

Bahahaha, made my day MisterEx! Creepy as you are...

This is one of those moments where I can't think of a single response, other than stunned silence.

He sounds disgusting, I can't believe these people exist

That's a little harsh, sounds like he has some big issues to work out but it's the action that's creepy, not being one of "these people."

Don't defend the creepy people. It doesn't work out.

ChristianH39 30

22 he DEFINITELY has issues to work out. That doesn't give him any more right to harass OP than anybody else.

I think he's just trying to ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)

Explain to him that you don't do pimples outside of a serious relationship.

He's just gonna be that person who has multiple restraining orders slapped against him when he's older.

He's gonna be that person who is proud of them and gets them framed for his wall.

"And I earned each and every one of them *creepy proud smile*"

Things worked out pretty good They gave me a restraining order. -Buddy the Elf

cryssycakesx3 22

he's gonna be that person that has multiple restraining orders slapped against him *now*