By WTTFFFF - United States - Tecumseh
Today, the creepy kid who sits behind me in English class decided that sniffing my hair wasn't disturbing enough for his liking, so he tried something new: popping one of the pimples on my neck. When I reacted in horror, all he could say was, "It looked pretty..." FML
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  unikim  |  10

Actually I have tried it. I had a guy being to intense saying he loved me after day 2 of knowing him, coming around my house, calling my cell and even somehow my family's house phone, calling my cell until I picked up over and over and if I hung up he would call again until I turned my phone off. We were about to change the numbers and act more drastically when I had a thought, to annoy the shit out of him. So I would answer the phone and when he would talk I would interrupted him saying how awesome he was and how I missed him. He would get mad at me for interrupting him, I would ask him how he could get mad at me if I was saying what he wanted to hear. He would get so frustrated he started calling me crazy (which I couldn't care less of his opinion) and hang up. He stopped shortly after and never to be herd of again. It's been something like 8 years so I'm good.