By fmlgirl - Netherlands - Hulst
Today, my brain-dead brother-in-law decided to play five finger fillet while at my place. Predictably, he ended up slicing a finger wide open. My mother-in-law now wants my blood, because she thinks I dared him to do it, and that clearly her perfect little angel couldn't be such a moron. FML
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By  Ieri  |  31

How does the amount of blood you lose from slicing a finger, require blood donation? Try to explain it to her OP, either way you aren't forced to give blood. Hope no more accidents happen out of their stupidity for you to take the blame.

  Ieri  |  31

Ah, sorry. I hadn't come across that expression before so I thought she meant it literally. My bad, as some people stated I'm not a native speaker and I just took it literally, didn't mean to sound stupid ^-^''

  brackaman  |  18

Really? My mom always told me how stupid I was and believed that I was some sort of natural criminal in the making. I suppose it varies between parents.

  jazzy_123  |  20

Yeah really. Well I knew a girl in high school who slept around a lot and she didn't care what people said. Her mom didn't know that despite allowing her daughter to dress half naked and encouraged Flirty behavior. She would always brag about her to my friends saying what a good daughter she had and how any man would be lucky to have her.... lucky? Oh Yeah. I understand that's not the situation for everyone.

  nix1993  |  41

It doesn't matter if he did or not. His brother-in-law is the moron who decided to play with knives, anybody else's input is pretty much irrelevant to the outcome.