By dumpedandstranded - Canada
Today, I flew to Mexico with my (now ex) boyfriend of two years. It was my first time flying, and apparently I have a fear. I had a panic attack on the plane. When we landed, I got dumped for "causing a scene." I am now stranded in Mexico alone for two weeks with no hotel room booked. FML
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Come on guys, really? Just because the FML says "Today" doesn't mean that it actually happened today. This probably happened a while ago. I'm sure by now OP is in her (likely) hometown of Alberta, where she has plenty of time to find a computer. Maybe the weird tense change at the end was for dramatic effect.

  mfpeanuthead  |  0

Phobias aren't rational. Plummeting to the earth and dying immediately is a reality. Her fear is not irrational. You are just an unsympathetic person. When someone panics it's not a choice. Maybe it will happen to you.

  GreenHacker  |  0

It is irrational because it is a phobia. The odds of dying in a plane crash are very low, to the point where it is actually irrational to be afraid of it happening. You have a higher chance of dying in the car on the way to the airport.

By  lisaloise  |  3

On the bright side, you have the 'net access even though you're stranded :P
Make the best out of these two weeks and hook up with random, smexii Mexicans!


By  Lkdude77  |  0

Hmm there has to be a more logical explanation on why he dumped you. I simply don't think it's only because you had fear of flying in a plane.. Maybe he wanted to break up with you a long time ago o.O

  yayclaire  |  1

yeah i agree too
sometimes people aren't meant to be with each other
although it is really mean to leave someone stranded in a foreign country with no hotel

  Puolukka  |  4

Yea, but why in the world would he take her on a trip to Mexico if he wanted to break up with her? If you want to dump someone you don't usually go on vacation with them.