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Today, I got my tax return. I was really excited. Turns out the government does take the time to send out a tax return for $1.36. FML
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they also take the time to bill you for $1.36.

I am sorry that you got a dollar. poor you. FYL (loser)


So you largely avoided loaning the government money interest-free. How is that an FML?

I think what's an FML is how long it took for him to get his return, I mean we're in October... ________________________________

I don't think so, but that could be. Even then, though, it's not an FML, since she didn't get much of a refund. The cost of waiting six months for $1.36 is pretty low.

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mine was $0.06 so stfu. sadly I'm not even kidding

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they also take the time to bill you for $1.36.

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All that means is you did your taxes better than most people. YLIG.

Yea, I was going to say. Most people OWE money every year. This should be a "WOO HOO I DONT OWE THE GOVERNMENT MONEY" rather than "FML I made money"

am i doing it wrong? course i guess if you're living paycheck to paycheck, every little bit counts. but for me (I've always claimed 0) I can see why this would be an FML.

you should WANT your payment or refund to be as little as possible. If you get a huge refund back that means you overpaid, effectively loaning the government your money with no interest. On the opposite side, you dont want a huge bill come April 15th. So its worth it to talk to an accountant and make sure you're claiming the right about throughout the year. Some people even change what they claim midyear to balance it out.

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I sense a trip to McDonald's in your future!

I am sorry that you got a dollar. poor you. FYL (loser)

What!? Value menu baby!! This is a good thing!

**** the dollar store. 99¢ Store is the way to go.

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dey r the same thing basicaly r u dumb??

I just heard a "WHOOOOSH". I'm pretty sure it was the sound of you missing something flying over your head.

I didn't hear anything. I'm turning deaf! D:

you guys are all suckers, i shop at the 98 cent store

Tax returns don't come this late in the year. Fake.

It's not possible the OP filed for an extension and only recently paid his taxes?

They do if you file your taxes this late in the year (at least in Canada). I filed my taxes for 2006 and 2008 about two months ago (I lived out of the country for part of each year and had lost some of the paperwork when I moved back ... long story), and I *just* got my return literally two weeks ago. I think this FML could be plausible. Whether you consider *not* owing money to be something to gripe about however, is an altogether different story.

You can file two extensions to your April 15th due date.

I agree with Rota. Fake.. My tax return this year came out to 80 something cents and they rounded it up to $1 and mailed me a check..

Canada doesn't send out anything less than $2, nor does it collect any tax debt less than $2. If this is true, the states are pretty ******* inefficient.

Yeah, because 64 cents makes us so much worse than you.

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Actually it is good. It saves time and money from mailing stupid checks. Do you realize that now stamps are 41 cents? Which is roughly 1/4 of my state return this year. Would it not have been better to just call it even? I think I can manage to scrape up about 2 dollars of change if I need it that bad. Canada is more efficient than us in multiple ways. Pull your head out of your ass.

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#10- my dad has a framed check from 1972 where my grandfather received a $0.01 refund check for federal taxes. Every year once the check is void again the send another one with the demand it be cashed immediately. The only way that is happening is they send somebody with that penny to give us.

Op, you shouldn't have gotten your hopes up, especially with the economy as it is and Barack Obama in control. Never count your chickens before they hatch. Taco.  BOO!

Why do people like you continue to give the man shit? He's trying to fix what Bush ****** up for 8 years! He hasn't been in office even 1 year yet! Shit takes TIME to fix!

I didn't say he was doing anything wrong, did I? What I meant was it will take time for anything to get better, and things have started to slow down recently...

Sounded more like an attack. My apologies.

@18: Step aside. I don't mind attacking the socialist ass. First, Bush did not fu*k up for 8 years you pointed head dumbass. He whipped John Kerry's ass only 5 years ago. Clearly, the majority loved him then. It's the state-sponsored-in-bed-suck-buddies of the yellow media who told you what to think. Second, obviously you are part of the 50% of American's who do not pay taxes. So as far as I am concerned, the Constitution be damned, you don't have much to complain about. Myself and the other 50% who are paying YOUR share, see and understand that YOUR conniving, lying, one-term community organizer, seeks to destroy YOUR country and YOUR children's (please tell me you have not pro-created) future through his free-wheeling spending of Chinese-loaned money. Suckers like you will always be sub-servant and bound to "the man" because he HAS to keep you stupid and dependent upon him... and to me, this is the saddest thing of all... a perpetual FML upon you, because YDI for supporting the lying SOB. Wake up man, if you believe this liberal pablum.... then you ain't listening to the right people.

Umm, false. 1. Bush actually lost the popular vote. He only won because of flaws in the Electoral College. (Remember the whole Florida debate?) 2. Please provide legitimate warrants as to why Obama's policies are bad. 3. I am part of the upper-middle class, yet still feel that morally, Obama's policies are best, in addition to the fact that they are simply best for the nation.

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If you are going to attempt to sound intelligent, at least use your words properly. (It's procreate, not pro-create) Secondly, you mention spending 'Chinese money'; in a recession, as the economy is now, the government needs to stimulate consumer spending. One primary way to do this is by spending money themselves, which encourages companies to produce more to meet the demand, which means they need more employees, who will get paid a salary, and spend a portion of their salary (very high portion if their income is low), which in turn, generates an increase in demand, and the cycle repeats. Cutting spending during a recession is one of the worst things you can do. Learn basic economics please before you attempt to bash people regarding them. In regards to your comment on not paying taxes; I assume you are bashing him because you think he is poor? In that case, if your income is so much higher, look at it on a percentage basis, would you rather make 100$ and pay 20$ in takes, or make 1000$ and pay 120$? Taxes scale according to your income, it is based off a percentage of what you make. If they pay less than you, it is because their income is far lower. Oftentimes, those who are poor are trapped in a cycle of poverty due to poor home conditions and lack of opportunities, if you have a suggestion on how to escape poverty alone I'd love to hear it. Who knows, you may even be able to solve poverty and unemployment with a brain like yours. In your eagerness to rip apart a 'socialist ass' you appear to have not taken the time to look at whether your words have any relevance. May I suggest getting an education, and learn to care about the future. In the mean time, I am revoking your internet license (+1 cookie to whoever gets the joke in this and the signature) -Summer Glau

another thing, #47, you said " you ain't listening to the right people." Well, who are these "right people"? Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Other people from FOX News? Don't worry, I'm not the kind that thinks that other sources aren't liberally biased- of course MSNBC is ultra-liberal, but FOX isn't any better. Whenever I watch FOX news, I nearly throw up at the stupidity of it all. and yes, #51, I did get the joke

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Sorry, but this is NOT the place for a political debate. ;-)

Time to start a and a I suppose.