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Today, at school, I was scheduled to give a presentation to my class. As I arrived, my teacher said to me, "You're bleeding from the 120th pimple on your left cheek." FML
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"Oh, right. It wasn't bleeding before, but then I took an arrow to the ac-knee." *Prepares for onslaught of thumbs down* I regret nothing.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Let's see how many ignorant comments THIS acne related FML can gather.


ShroomsOnAcid 16

Let's see how many ignorant comments THIS acne related FML can gather.

^I'll start Oh, no! Help! The 120th citizen of pimpletown has been shot!!

i'm srorry OP :( at least according to your username, you are 1337

its either them or the new vigilante gang "proactive"

Hmm you should have replied with "well, you must be bleeding from your ****** today." wow, what a bitch

"Oh, right. It wasn't bleeding before, but then I took an arrow to the ac-knee." *Prepares for onslaught of thumbs down* I regret nothing.

Omg thats so annoying, seriously. You know something's dumb. You write/state you know it's dumb. You still do it. And think it makes u look cool. Like, no, please stop.

Dumb things can be funny, so there is nothing wrong with saying it if your just trying to make people laugh But c'mon #71, u should lighten up, ...Why so serious?

71, you know, seriously... Like OMG... shut up... And stop adding a space between each line of your ignorant chatter.

No I know but seriously it gets irritating at times.. Example: I know this is an over-used pun, but I just had to say it. That is a shitty situation. Don't judge me. Like wtf?? Biggest pet peeve on here!!

Oh gosh, whatever. I can't wait until it happens again, no one thinks it's funny and thumbs it down...hypocrite.

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Well you know what's annoying 77? When people talk like this. Leaving spaces. Then write a separate thought after another line stating why you said the line above.

Like OMG seriously!!!! I totally think you're a illiterate 15 year old who is almost as annoying as the overused phrase "shitty situation."

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^ Just stop already. No matter how hard to try, you're still going to get thumbed down. Don't be so serious.

Wow, look at the beginning of this thread. Shrooms was expecting ignorant comments, and you gave them to him in spades, Hugsandisses. Many ******* thanks.

You can tell that from the lack of spaces and immature grammar that 91 either had someone type that for them or fell to conformism. Both of which are qualities that would suggest 15 years old.

#91 some quick advice : "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." -Abe Lincoln

85- I want to slap you very hard. One time for every highly annoying and unnecessary space between your sentences in your posts.

President of Pimpleton here, I'm speaking now to say that our beloved 120, has been-bang!-now the President has been shot!!! I repeat the President of Pimpleton is dead!! What has come to our beloved left cheek! Now who's going to be President of Pimpleton??

ATTENTION, CITIZENS OF PIMPLETON! We are experiencing major volcanic activity on Mt. Nose. All civilians within a 2cm radius of Mt. Nose must evacuate immediately, and relocate to the higher ground of the cheeks, in order to evade the imminent snot eruption!

I think all of you are extremely brave and tough for fighting on FML.

a great famine has swept the once great city of pimpleton the once smooth lanes are now slick with grease and oil and it seems with the stress population has increased ten fold God help us all

140 I hope you're talking about the guy above me who is quite chodely

#91, I didn't realize that grammar could be owned. U can haz grammar?

Whoops, I meant * no matter how hard you try, not how hard to try. My bad.

blackstar994 5

How did the teacher know it was the 120th? Maybe it could of been the 3rd... Or 10th... Or the 438th...

91- I will gladly point this out to prove that you don't have good grammar. You are never supposed to start a sentence with "and."

GovernorGeneral 8

170- Teacher has been keeping count of the pimples on OPs face everyday.There is no other explanation.

koolkat27 13

86- your saying that 91 is a 15 year old when you say "like omg seriously!" in every comment you used? ha.

91- I don't just judge you for this thread... I judge you for your obnoxious profile as well..

44 made the only funny arrow to the knee I've ever heard.

hey attention everyone!!! click #91's comment and read his bio. then realize how obnoxious it is, and judge him on that. :)

Pimple town, a once great facecity, has now been reduced to poverty, crime and the great tension of the white heads and black heads. However, rumor has it that down south there's load of brown ore. If you can climb Mount Gut and cross the Penisippi river, we might just have a fresh start on life.

179: Obviously you didn't read hugsanisses burried comments, did you?

One does not simply WALK into The Bowels, 189.

Hugsanddisses, STFU. Thank you, that is all. :)

124 and 130 made my day. Pimpleton is the most genius name for a town. Hahaha

Hahaha, when you try to prove a point, your comments shouldnt be thumbed to -173,-79,-63... Apparently your point is not taken well.

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Damn "hugsandkisses" you really failed HARD, multiple times. You say you "have good grammar"? WHERE? WHEN? After seeing your profile, you are obviously VERY immature. You're "better looking and cooler"? This just keeps getting better and better. You sound like you're 15 years old, or probably younger. At least I got a good laugh from your comments! I'm sure everyone else did too. So thanks for that! YOU are my biggest pet peeve. People like you who think they actually use the correct grammar, when they really don't. You probably think you're "hot shit" huh? Well people like YOU are usually VERY immature and dumb as hell. Like omgggg wtfff!! You are like sooo coool omgz!!!! You're probably one of those AWESOME people who put a 'Z' on the end of 'lol' and 'omg'. You sound like you do that lol. Don't take this too hard, It's ONLY FML haha. It's filled with grammar nazi's and dumb ass people. So at least you're not alone, you have your fellow morons to fail with :) I can only hope you're still in high school, or possibly even middle school so that you can learn REAL proper grammar, and not just say that you use it right. Yes, I can see how much of a dumb ass you really are just by seeing your profile and reading your comments. Come back when you know what you're talking about little girl, so then maybe next time you won't look so stupid.. MAYBE. You were just asking for criticism, so hopefully you learned something today ;) That's all.

AllyyK 9

OH and also hugsandkisses your "bleeding from the ******" comment was not funny. Your other comments were just kinda pathetic. So.. just no.. please stop. Thought I'd add that into my essay of a comment hehehe :D

You have "good grammar." Well that's a bunch of bullshit because the correct way of saying that is "proper grammar." But you wouldn't know.

No guys, it's okay, hugsandkisses' iPhone will "correct our asses" she doesn't need to use proper grammar or spacing! Omgz Lolz!

Your mom called I'm also bleeding on my left nut after she sucked me up! Best comeback

Thanks 200, I'll be here all week, cuz it's Pimpleton Week!!!! And 130, thanks for liking my comment, im a smart young teen!!!

I think that fact you all attack someone on FML for grammar is actually really pathetic. Obviously she wrote her profile like that on purpose... cry about it. You all have no live for the fact that a lot of you wrote small novels on here...

257- Pimpleton week! Haha. Every time I say "Pimpleton" I giggle. Thanks for the laughs(:

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Hahaha I'll use that if anyone said that to me hehe

Can we all just agree that hugsandisses is a dumb bitch? I feel like that point has been made.

Ouch man. Sorry that sucks. But I gotta wonder.... Wouldn't it be funny/creepy/stalkerish if your teacher actually KNEW how many pimples where on your face? :/

Alright guys lets knock the acne puns off and get proactive about it... Oh wait

MeowMix92 5

Couldn't agree with you more XD

She knows, cause she probably creeps in his room at night and plays connect the dots. sorry bad humor.

The teacher probly doesnt know. They probly just said a random number

Thank god you cleared that up for us 119.

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^^ YOU DON'T SAY????? I thought she said 120 because she actually knew the exact amount -_-

now if only someone could clear up OPs face. (just had to say it)

Hey 137 if you go on Facebook I'm one of the admins of that page if you like to use that saying like us (me nick and Cody) greatly appreciated if you do

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A student told my teacher that she was depressed and his answer was "is it cause you looked at yourself in the mirror before coming to class?" teachers are mean lol

Yea i read the comment wrong i thot it said like how does ur teacher no how many there are not what if ur teacher knew how many there are.

Probably not so funny, more creepy and stalkerish

chubby_choco 17

33, I see what you did there. XD

There was no need to be snarky about it, I would be pretty upset. At least you didn't present with blood dripping off your face?

Says the cupcake with blood coming out of his mouth...

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I haven't read one comment saying sorry to OP for his ignorant, bitchy teacher. Acne sucks OP, I've had my fair share of it and it's the most annoying thing to have to deal with!

Im still dealing with acne but I found something very useful..... Tamanu oil is very good at getting rid of alot of skin problems. I strongly recommend that you guys at least research about it. Not many people know about this

OP, you should have wiped some of your face on the teacher's face... then said "you're infected too now".

Llama_Face89 33

125- Or strawberry filling!!!! Mmmmm.... Also go Habs.

Everyone that thumbs my other comment down and this one, id like to say, I hav acne all over my face. I have a very hot gf cuz shes srry for me, and she is extreamely nice.

Rick_S 3

You should go to the principal or the dean or something. That's very disrespectful and unprofessional. The teacher should know better than to say something like that. At least make sure you parent(s)/guardian(s) know.

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He's going to go tell on his teacher to his parents?

4 is absolutely right. That sort of behavior is absolutely inappropriate for a teacher/student relationship. The principal should be informed and the teacher should face an appropriate penalty. And parents WANT to know if a teacher is mistreating students or behaving I appropriately.

I'm not so sure about fired, unless the teacher has done this type of thing before, but would probably get in some sort of trouble. And yes, a punch or bitch slap(s) seem in order

Report him to the principal? Over an acne joke? Tell the principal that he touched ur weewee. That'll teach him!!!! Hahahaha

LOL!!! Also, teachers are regular people like anyone else. Although the statement could've done without the "120th pimple" part, at least they told the OP before they went about their day with it glaring at people from their face

All people are regular people. Therefore, all people are expected to follow certain guidelines of socially accepted behavior as appropriate in any given situation. Teachers are not supposed to talk this way to students. Ever. It's unprofessional and inappropriate.

bitchslapped22 14

I'm just saying, if the teacher said something like that to me, I would approach him/her sometime after class and try to sort it out with them myself.

agreed, that's so disrespectful and downright mean. it's really hard having acne, I'm on medication right now fighting neck and tooth trying to get rid of this shit on my face, I wash it every day, put on numerous moisturizers and lotions, it's not fun. especially when you're in high school, it's brutal. your teacher is seriously an ignorant person, definitely report her. people like that should not be working with kids.

as a highschool student I would say that this isn't really an fml UNLESS this kid is new to the school or gets picked on regularly. if it was a quote "popular" student (for lack of a better word) the whole class would laugh, the student would laugh it off and keep going. the whole thing would be forgotten after the next kid did his presentation. but maybe that's just my school xP if it's a kid that isn't so well-liked then yeah, fyl that doesn't exactly boost your self esteem. if you're new that's a horrible first impression and fyl. nowhere here did I say that the comment wasn't disrespectful. don't get me wrong. but it's not anything to get worked up about unless it's frequent.

Teachers are supposed to be kind and respectful to their students. Yes, if OP mouthed off I'd kind of understand where Bad Teacher was coming from, but it was uncalled for and incredibly unprofessional. The principal and parents need to be notified. That kind of behavior is intolerable.

MusicLastForever 4

#175 I see what your saying, but it doesn't matter at ALL if your popular, weird, or new. No matter who or what you are, you have feelings. That "popular" kid might laugh it off, but no one ever forgets comments that mean. They stay in your mind forever.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to fight acne is to have a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Just putting that out there. More chemicals, even certified acne soaps can make it worse. I am speaking from personal experience, as i had terrible acne and it cleared up with this method. Still in highschool also.

We all know how you feel - at times, zit sucks to have acne. But keep your pimple hand strong, your blackhead held high, and give that presentation like there's no tomorrow!

I spot some puns in here, they were very zitty.

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You are a fraud Doc Bastard. A real doctor wouldn't be able to take a patients x ray and post it on line. Have you ever heard of doctor/patient confidentiality?

MizzErikaHart 8

He doesn't say who the x ray belongs to so its still pretty confidential.

Mm come here butterscotch You got some caramel? You dirty dirty boy got some caramel? Come here scotch let mamma clean that up. Mm yeah big boy mm yeahhhh!!

wolfpack123 0

You are delusional. You spend your whole day on the Internet talking about being a surgeon. When are you ever actually practicing medicine?

desireev 17

22- He's not in the US.. So the patient/doctor confidentiality laws don't apply..

Doc, although I'm thinking of three other possibilities of what that could be, I'm going to go ahead and ask if it's a condom. Is it a condom?

Docs pic is a broken off vibrator lodged into the anus.

Oh, thanks 81. One of my other guesses was a *****, but close enough.

It's always a "what the ****" moment when you figure out one of docs pics

If you check out his blog you see all the stories behind the pictures!

I think it is a chopped of wang stuck up an ass...but I like war ur thinking!

nickkingcool 0

you should read his blog docbastards

My housemates and I were last night, felt so sick reading about the junkie with the mummy hand!

Thanks TheIsland!!(p.s. read comment #124 on shrooms comment)

^picture could've been something else considering the original comments were made a year and a half before you commented.

takeitandrun 13

Maybe you should see a dermatologist about your acne if it's really that bad. And yeah, FYL that lady was very rude and if it was really a distraction she could of mentioned it in a much more polite way.

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Honestly you should report her,, not tellin u to snitch,, but what she said was mean

Tampons don't go in your ass, but I like the way you think!

Ohhh. That's so rude! And so judgmental. Who cares if you have a little acne. Your probably a beautiful person! Screw her!

I say literally screw and hurt her up the butt

GoW_Chick 14

I don't think the teacher was trying to be rude, just pointing out OP was bleeding. I mean you'd tell someone if they were bleeding right?

You would, but the teacher was a bitch by saying 120th.

GoW_Chick 14

Maybe the teacher has OCD and couldn't help but say what number pimple it was, you never know.

I agree the teacher should have told the OP they were bleeding, but a simple "your face is bleeding" would suffice.

GoW_Chick 14

I agree it may have been a little rude, and I was just simply trying to say maybe the teacher couldn't help it, I was giving a different view to the FML, you know looking at both sides to the story instead of just OP's, but I should've known better than to not agree with the majority of FML, it never goes well.

koolkat27 13

why does everyone think that the teacher is a woman? it could have been a male teacher. just needed to get that out there.

I was thinking the same thing 92.... Tts mean and being a bully

******* Hot Blonde Chick? Sorry, I thought we where describing the previous commentator…FML…