By Zatnikatel - 31/07/2013 14:15 - United States - Overland Park

Today, one of my employees filed a complaint against me. He claims that I "pick on him" and make him do things I "wouldn't do". Apparently, making him do his job and trying to convince him to wear clean clothes that don't smell like garbage is considered a bad thing. FML
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OP here to explain further, I'm a manager for a big and tall clothing store and hygiene is covered in the training manual. he was wearing the EXACT Same clothing everyday he worked(multiple days in a row). the stains, wrinkles, abd odor constantly increased. I really don't feel like I was bullying him and I even offered to help purchase him new clothes. he took offense to that as well and went on a rant about how his family is ridiculously wealthy. his work ethic was atrocious, he stopped every

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File a complaint against him for bring a complete idiot

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Coworkers can be huge *******.


File a complaint against him for bring a complete idiot

You really come across this everywhere. You will always be able to find that person who feels that they do no wrong. I had that happen to a new intern, who was promptly let go.

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Coworkers can be huge *******.

B_CeouL 12
Gothicbunnyx3 16

Regardless, they're a complete idiot who needs to do their job and put on some deodorant.

He sounds like the standard man-child. Oblivious to the possibility that the world doesn't revolve around him getting his way, and also unable to atone for his own actions. I think you're better off ignoring him than anything.

It's pretty stupid some people need to be told such obvious things.

JoeGrant 12

Just ignore him, and I'm sure the people hearing this know the deal, such as your boss or supervisor.

Some people are just idiots that cannot be helped

You asshole! Being a disgusting, dirty slob is obviously part of his religion, are you're being SO insensitive! I hope you get fired, you bastard!

Apparently. I'll try to tone it down a bit... Wait, no I won't! Fuck that. Full speed ahead.

MrSarcasmic 10

they just couldn't handle it doc

well that should be figured out pretty quickly

You can always fight that complaint by asking management if they agree with your actions. Then again, if you're not his supervisor, they might not favor your bluntness.

alphatoomega 21

The usage of the word "employee" implies that he IS the guy's supervisor.

I thought that too, but after hearing the people I work with treat each other as though they're the boss...I'm not so sure