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By sillvy - 13/01/2012 09:32 - United States

Today, I was on a date. I noticed he kept looking at my lips. Thinking he wanted to kiss me, I leaned in closer. Disgusted, he pulled away and said, "I'm sorry, but that pimple on your chin is, like, staring at me or something." FML
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At least that pimple didn't start talking to him.

Guys always say, "I like my girl natural and without make up on." Well, there you have it.


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Yep, can't agree more. Clean out the house before you leave!

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3, WTF are you talking about?

That was rude of him to point it out like that. :( Pop it in his drink when he isn't looking. >:) Then go home and wash your face. :D

Yup that's the point! And I'm not being serious...geez

14- yes because popping pimples into drinks is always the solution -.-

I agree 35, nom nom! Let's make a creep club.

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Well it's not like she could have done anything about it before her date, short of postponing it. Putting makeup on it is one of the worst things she could do, as it would hinder its ability to heal, and if it was that big, cover up would do nothing but make it look even more disgusting. Putting on any of the popular "zit zapping" creams and "medicines" beforehand will only make it redder and more noticeable, as they all work on the principle of killing bacteria or chemical exfoliation, not calming and healing the skin. Also, popping it will only leave a scar and a deep red mark. Honestly, the best thing to do is to just leave them alone, completely. So no, OP does not deserve it. Her rude date just needs to show a little more respect and compassion.

sometimes when you're just casually scratching your face.... *a wild pimple appears*

Popping pimples into the drink would be the solute. Not the solution, duh!

At least that pimple didn't start talking to him.

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Oh well! Better luck next time OP. Your lucky that it was only a pimple and not anything else! I'm a mime for Pete's sake! Finding love is hard for me. Seriously, when was the last time you've seen a mime getting action? It's bad enough that we can't talk to women (or anyone else for that matter), but when you live outdoors and make your necessities out of 'imagination', it can get rough! *waves hand, starts making love to invisible mime prostitute*

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Why does OP deserve that? It was incredibly rude and sometimes makeup just does not cover them.

Yeah, you "LOL-ING" isn't grounds for a YDI. Idiot...

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77, that's so true! For some reason I've never thought of that

I guess this big embarrassment / turn off means no "desserts" tonight?

He could've been nicer about it. Like saying "Want to touch up in the bathroom then come back and we can start making out?" or something along those lines.

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I mean he can gently bring attention to that she needs to touch up her face (concealer, etc.) than be so blatantly obvious about it and come across as rude, even if that wasn't the intention.

If a guy ever told me to touch up on my makeup I would tell him to **** off.

How is a concealer going to help if he's already seen it? only think that's going to do is attract more attention as he'll be focusing on it more

Not for his sake but for hers so she won't be embarrassed by others who may notice and remark about it. Better hear it from him; she already trusted him, she was willing to kiss him.

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Dude, then she'd be way too self conscious to kiss him, no matter how nice he was about it. And he was a total douche about it anyways.

really? can you touch up? guys dont have to put anything on their faces so why do girls? if it was him with the pimple then what? ask him to put makeup on?

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94, If we're thinking about her sake, it would be best not to say anything. What good would it do, seeing as how she can't do anything about it? As myself and others have already said, concealing it would be counterproductive, so all pointing it out would do is make her even more self conscious. Besides, most people are not big enough douchebags to rub in what she undoubtedly already knows. Even if they were, having a flaw pointed out to you by a significant other hurts way more than coming from a friend or a random person.

I used to point out people's pimples, and I regret ever doing that. It's really bloody inconsiderate.

Ever since you found it bloody inconsiderate or since you pointed out a pimple to a 2.5 m tall tattooed bouncer? Jkjk

No, people began pointing out my pimples because I was pointing theirs out. I had more pimples than they did. It sucked.

#7, I read the first line of your comment " I used to point out people's pimples" and thought I was about to read another arrow to the knee joke. Thank you for not putting me through another one of those lame jokes.

You know, that saying isn't dead if you keep bringing it up

I use to point out people's pimples but than..nvm its not even funny to joke about it.

#30, I hate those ******* things. They're dumb and unfunny. You would never catch me writing something as stupid as an arrow to the knee joke. But, you're welcome.

This guy at school used to point out my pimples. I took medication and now my face is clear and has been. Now his face is FULL of pimples. What goes around comes around.

I can only think of that Family Guy episode with the talking pimple...

Then y would u even pick on anyone elses u moron

#133, I'd think twice before calling me a moron when you can't even spell or punctuate correctly.

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Your comment is glowing with creativity! Radical

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He could have put it in a nicer way

This is the most ironic/hypocritical thing I've ever read after your reply to #9.

He was a jerk for saying that, but you couldn't have touched it up before going out or something?

Sometimes makeup just doesn't cover the big stuff and judging from the fml, op's was a monster.

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Yeah. Especially if it was one of those dry, crusty ones from too many applications of drying zit creams. Those suckers show through no matter what type of makeup you're wearing, and even if you moisturize it before. And, of course, you can't exfoliate the dry flakes off of it either, because then the entire thing will bleed and leak out pus for ages. FYL OP. Find another guy; one that makes such a big deal about normal things like pimples and stuff isn't worth it.

Guys always say, "I like my girl natural and without make up on." Well, there you have it.

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There you have what? This doesn't prove anything.

That guys don't actually mean it. At least not from what I hear when a girl stops putting make up on.

Actually my favourite picture I have of my girlfriend is one that she took just after she'd gotten out of bed, with no make up and messy hair.

That's actually different. That look makes you, subconsciously, think of sex.

Oh damn it, I've got myself into an argument with a psychologist again. It couldn't just be that I think she's pretty all the time or anything...

That's because that picture probably reminds you of what you did to her earlier to get her hair all messy. Lol Make-up caked on can be a turn off but a little eye liner and lip gloss can change your look a lot. Ever see a model before and after being made up? If some make up didn't make you look better than no one would wear it. But I am a fan of the natural look. (:

Well, I mean you could think that, I'm not saying you don't... But do you want her going everywhere with that messy hair? Besides, you picked that specific time and I was stating something I've read before. Just say you think she's pretty the whole time, don't use subliminal messages!

I didn't intend to get into a spiteful argument about this, I was just annoyed by your generalising first comment and wanted to make my point.

So men are attracted to looks - natural or not. It's biology. Get over it.

I'm trying to figure out where and why this thread started getting hostile...

Some girls really don't need make up.. Others.. Well.. ..I don't mean that in a mean way, some people just need a bit more help than others.

It's probably because she had just gotten out of bed with you...