By CapnCrunchKat - United States - Dover
Today, my store manager told me I was fired. I'm not sure what's more insulting - that he'd fire me, or that he forgot I haven't worked there in four months. FML
CapnCrunchKat tells us more :
OP here. I don't have time to reply to every single comment, so here's the answers to all of your questions: 1. I was there because I was shopping. I work retail. Duh. "Store manager". 2. I resigned four months ago, with this manager witnessing. Also, I'm not a "he". Lol.
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By  jerryj  |  27

The way this FML is worded, I don't know if OP is employed and hasn't shown up in 4 months, or hasn't been employed there for 4 months.
Seems like a toss up between FYL and YDI depending on how you interpret it.

  abcdog123  |  16

I think OP hasn't been employed there in over 4 months. The manager didn't remember and fired them.

Fyl, Maybe if your manager is that much of an idiot you can convince him to give you the 4 months pay that he also 'forgot' ;)

  Spyderbane  |  10

You know if you just don't show up for four months you also have not worked there in four months. Doesn't mean op officially terminated their employment. OP's manager could have been giving an official termination. Or the manager could have been an idiot.

By  urnnotvase  |  10

I'm kind of confused by this. Did you stop showing up for work and never officially resign? Did he already lay you off once and was just being rude? I was once a seasonal employee and they stopped giving me hours and never bothered to tell me when my job ended. I'm sorry if something similar happened to you. I haven't had the best of luck with managers either in the past no matter how much effort I put into my job.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

he clearly says "…haven't worked in 4 months."
"I hadn't shown up in 4 months."
"I had been laid off for 4 months"

OP clearly was fired/quit 4 months ago. boss forgot and fired him.

  AlaskanG  |  27

"Haven't worked in 4 months" doesn't mean he was terminated. It could be interpreted either way. If I just didn't show up to work for a week, I could say "I haven't worked in a week".

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

yeah. I get your point, each time. since FML is so concise and you the point, I feel as though it'd state "I hadn't shown up..."

also the fault of your statement is that you would have been a pilot three years ago.