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  VorpikeII  |  17

I had the idea to do that for a public service announcment about drugs as a project once. My group members agreed and so did my teacher... we just didn't have the proper materials.


Don't wear a Popeye shirt either. They'll think you're an advocate for putting steroids in spinach. Your school is ridiculous and your principal should take the stick out of his/her ass.

By  Goobian  |  3

That is how PC public schools are nowadays. There was a kid that went to my middle school that got suspended for bringing Listerine to school. Why? Because they have a no tolerance policy for alcohol. Him and the parents weren't too happy about it. This was in the late 90's when I was still in high school.

  CateXOX  |  0

Some bannings are justified though. I remember this one kid that wore a "Five Dollar Foot Long" shirt to school. It had an arrow pointing down to his pants.

  Sprocket  |  5

How is that justified? It is a shirt. Freedom of speech shouldn't be restricted on grounds funded by the government, not to mention kids are legally forced to go. By your logic, I guess water boarding is fine and dandy too since we give these places special constitution breaking powers. Why not legalize beatings so the destruction of individuality is faster? You'd love it, since you can't stop thinking about his five dollar foot long.

  assurance123  |  0

thumbs down for that comment. every child doesn't want to see a shirt pointing to another man's penis. why don't we all just be naked since you're in love with freedom of speech. (trust me, it ain't too free.. I live in a neighborhood where you could die for saying the wrong thing.)

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

30 - There's freedom of speech, and there's rediculous. You are ridiculous. I suppose that, for example, a kid wearing a shirt to school that has porn on it should be fine because he's expressing his own individuality, or it's "art", right? Yeah, right. Fucking idiot.

I sincerely hope that you're not a parent. If so, f your kids' lives.


The constitution applied to legal residents of the U.S. not to those trying to kill us. If water boarding is what it takes to get the intelligence need to protect the people here than that is what needs to be done. Besides, Gitmo isn't even on American soil so the constitution certainly does not apply.

  unknown33429  |  0

87-- Ex-Military guy here (Canada not US). Torture is not useful in gaining intelligence, since the intelligence is not very reliable. if someone was mock-drowning me, I'd tell him whatever I could to make him stop. Plus it's incredibly wrong to torture someone.


You can't drink listerine. It has often got fluoride in it which in an indigestible substance. You'd just puke it all back up. Thats also why the label on toothpaste says 'do not consume'.

Knowledge is power ;)


The way my school explained the whole "freedom of speech" restrictions students have is because
A) We are on government property, so they have their own "laws" (much like a military base)
B) Minors apparently don't enjoy a lot of the same rights as adults
and C) because we technically live under the rules of our parents/ guardians, while we are at school the teachers function as our guardians
Not sure how true any of that is, but that's what they claim is the basis of their rules and punishments.


Freedom of speech only means he can't get prosecuted or arrested for wearing a lewd shirt. Public schools may be funded by the government, but they aren't the government, so they have the right to set their own rules and punish a kid for wearing a shirt of that nature.

By  rattusrattus  |  18

I disagree with all this 'video games promote drugs/violent behavior/whatnot' stuff. I only got into video games AFTER I took drugs and murdered all those people.

On a more serious note, how can your school not recognise MARIO? It's Mario. There are probably aliens on a planet circling a medium-sized star 1,000 light years away who know barely anything of Earth culture and they recognise Mario.