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Today, I sat across from a cute boy in my English class. I thought it was cute when he winked at me, so I laughed and winked back. I didn't understand why he shot me a dirty look, until I later found out he has eyelid spasms. FML
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apologize. then tell him you think he's cute. problem solved


lol that sucks. I've heard this one before ...

Mierda, I'm not exactly sure what "blither" means, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now. Having said that, you are a blithering idiot. Stink eye was a joke, you half wit. Thanks for exposing yourself, though. I feel like you have a hole in your pants and forgot to wear underwear.

ah, seeing that comment followed by Docs comment made me lol, until the 'pwned ^^' comment, which made me un-lol and want to smack a bitch.

#40 don't u mean you're instead of your u idiot. do u even speak English. an what the **** is lol u guys mean low makes u low as in unhappy rite? u all too dumb

the correct grammar in this case is indeed "your". I wouldn't judge others so harshly over text speak if I found it impossible to spell out the full word "you" either.

senseless arguments are brilliant lol I generally laughed at these comments lol an OP why don't you just tell them that you like 'em?

how can he be hot if he has an eyelid spasm?

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That's pretty bad, most of us would probably do the same. But usually you can tell the two apart d:

you bitch! how could you have failed to realize it's eye spasms?!

OP really sucks at winking and assumes that everyone else sucks too.

I would imagine you'd be able to tell the difference.

what happened to number 1's comment? o.O and YDI for not knowing the difference.

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apologize. then tell him you think he's cute. problem solved

He might be a bit of an ass to not consider someone might make the mistake that he's not winking and react negatively.

ya, you would imagine it's happened before

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eye spasms are much more distinct than a regular wink, if you get a eye spasm your whole face moves not just the lid.

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11 you must not have much muscle control in your face cause that's never happened to me.

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Some people move other part of their face in a wink also, like the upper cheek.

I get twitches in my eye sometimes only the lid ever moves, it looks like winking just a bit quicker.

In my experience it's better to assume people aren't being assholes in situations that are open to misunderstandings, unless you can confirm it, because it's generally the case.

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Fake. I've read a similar post before

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