Bad guy

By sweetsixteenyay - 25/06/2015 19:16 - United Kingdom - Caerphilly

Today, the new girl told me that a guy at the back of the class was being creepy. I looked over and saw him picking his nose and flinging boogers at the girls sitting in the front. That guy is my boyfriend. FML
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GoldLeader 19

You sure know how to pick them!

what do you see in him?


At least no girl would ever steal him away...

vintageart1994 16

That's what I thought

From limited exposure to this situation, I'm not going to disagree with her on that one... Should talk to your boyfriend about etiquette OP

Well there are worse ways for your boyfriend to be hitting on other girls. So why are you with him and his immaturity?

How in the hell did you get he was hitting on other girls from flicking boogers at them?

#36 he "hit" on them with his booger

2nd 20

Your boyfriend sounds like a great person /sarcasm over. i suggest someone tell him about courtesy

lanible 9


GoldLeader 19

You sure know how to pick them!

Steve95401 49

You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friends nose.

PePziNL 20

24: Don't tell me what I can't do!

I give her props for sticking around

At least he wasn't flirting with her

Wait, booger flinging isn't considered flirting? No wonder girls never give me their numbers. :(

Hey it's you again lol

FMLusername969 21

I would rather catch my (soon to be EX) boyfriend MID THRUST instead of witnessing him doing something as disgusting as this. I hope he ends up reading your FML OP so we can all tell him HOW FUCKED UP HE IS! Time to grow up kid!

#51 So most of us can lick genials but boogers are still a hot button? I think some priorities are skewed

what do you see in him?

he must have dug so deep he threw out a bit of his brain

Boogers? May be.

Epikatz 22

Probably not. He picked those out.

#9 or, what does she see out of him

More like what do u see on him.

Probably has a big dick.

She will not steal him away from you

Sounds like no one would.

Diggin' gold, are we.