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Today, out of all the cars in the parking lot, mine got struck by lightning. FML
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JayBear14 11

i thought cars didnt get struck by lightning because of the rubber on the tires? It's a genuine question, sorry if i sound stupid.


gods trying to tell u something.. Iol that's what my grandma would say

Fake. Cars can't get struck by lightning. The only way it could is if you didn't have any tires on the car, and even then the lightning would just travel along the exterior of the car and go into the ground.


13-wow this FML was hilarious till you opened your mouth!!!

Beebow_fml 5

I dont need a bath and God isnt trying to tell me anything. Also I never said cars could be struck by lightning.

Cars can and do get struck by lightning. The tires are a non-issue to lightning that is already penetrating several kilometers of air.

rallets 22

whos car did you want it to be?

well, life's like that.. shit happens..

Contrary to myth, while rubber does indeed not conduct electricity, the rest of your metal car will. The only reason why it'd not hurt you is because it's grounded and would go through the car instead of you, since that would be the shorter route. The only way this user would deserve it would be if he was like some of the hicks I have living around here and their 10' antennas.

Just be glad it wasn't you. This way you were able to post this moronic FML.

17, that's exactly what I was going to say. I can't believe that myth has penetrated our social psyche so deep.

The lightning could blow out the computer system. Just because some cars survive doesn't mean every car will

oh my god will the morons talking about tires please stop. it doesn't protect the car at all. how the hell do u think it hits the car? through air... tires won't help at all. and yes you're right ^ sure he might not be hurt but the electrical surge could blow out all of his wiring and computer system his radio his gauges everything

Well, the taller a car or really any object is, the better chance of being struck by lightning.

at least you know it won't happen twice.

zerobahamut03 2

This would be a perfect example of karma. YDI for doing something bad.

Should the metal outside not protect the inside from damage? I thought that when there is a metal shell around something if it gets hit by electricity (lighting) the inside would be unaffected. Or is it that the magnetism caused by the lightning still affects the wiring inside, causing the surge?

hahafylop 4

I say this FML is BS. Unless you didn't have RUBBER wheels. Because lightning only hits objects that are grounded. Rubber can not ground electricity.

captncrunch 0

haha oh sh!t what are the odds of that one

thanks for the help pendatik. however is there any constraints to the information? does it resemble one in every 750000 cars on the road, or one in every 750000 minutes while in the road? or one in every 750000 seconds on the road during a storm...?or?

haha ok no probs. I'm actually curious as to what it is relates to. It can't be just one in 750000. But it's getting late-ish here and I cbf researching. night.

Wow that accident must of struck you pretty hard. Hope you have insurance. (No pun intended.)

here at allstate we cover fender benders, rear end accidents, and lightning strikes.

fake... rubber Tyres earth the car making it a less than 1 in several billion chance that it could be struck by lightening. if ever caught in a thunder storm it is recomended you get in the car because it's just about the safest place to be... unless you park it under a tree...

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It had to happen to someone, and while it may have overblown the electrics, that's why the fuse is there, right? It should be quite easy to fix.

he'll no it wontbe easy to fix the amount of energy in lightning blew all fuses the computer all electrical equipment ant melted the body. probably melted the tires 2