By shit_fer_luck - 16/12/2014 16:35 - United States - West Lafayette

Today, someone backed straight into my car as I was hunting for a parking spot. I just got my car back from the body shop after a hit-and-run. FML
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Hopefully this time you were able to get a license plate. EDIT: Well crap.

He doesn't need a new car unless it was completely totaled.


Oh shit FYL, Hope you got their number plate though!

Hopefully this time you were able to get a license plate. EDIT: Well crap.

At least this time you have someone else's insurance to file on. (Hopefully)

Hopefully this time they left their information. Edit: @Coghostrider, you beat me to it haha

That truly is an fml. Sorry for you and your insurance. Hopefully you'll get something good from santa

brookiesawr 11

block them in their spot until you get their Info.

well since they hit you while backing out I'm hoping you blocked them in so you could get their information? since it's their fault their insurance would pay for it, if they have insurance.

shit_fer_luck 8

I did! She wasn't going anywhere! Some other drivers were getting irritated because I refused to move my car until the police arrived.

good for you. other drivers can get over it, because they would do the same thing if they were smart.

shit_fer_luck 8

...and my insurance agent just called today to tell me that she may have not been actually insured at the time of the collision. Luckily, if they can prove she was uninsured, my insurance will pay the deductible.

Time to buy a bike. Preferably a cheap one so when it gets hit you can replace it lol

He won't be able to because he'll be dead from the impact.

UGH that happened to me in high school, except for in the second crash my car was totaled. I know your pain!