By Anonymous - 17/12/2010 17:30 - United States

Today, my car heater finally died. I deliver pizzas. In Alaska. FML
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Matias_Says_FML 4

Poor pizzas.

Ouuch. I live in Alaska too (Fairbanks). Not good when the weather's -40! I hope you get it fixed soon haha


Matias_Says_FML 4

Poor pizzas.

Who don't like cold pizza?

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds like frigid misery. At least there's a chance that your body will shut down in the middle of your mind-numbingly monotonous workday. That would be a blessing for you./ Life. Don't talk to me about life.

I have a wild and crazy idea. Fix it?

Number 1 wins.

thirdtesticle 0

Too wild and crazy.

EffinToofer 3

Omg, finally! I've been waiting forever for this heater to just die!

eat the hot steamy pizza to keep warm

sugarr0babby0 0

Notice how he says, "Finally." As if he wanted it to die?

deliciouscake 3

Some people in Alaska rely on your heater to heat their pizzas, as they use the pizzas as heaters. life. talk to be about life.

finally? were you waiting for it to get wrecked or something? if it's that bad slap the pizzas on your face and drive around

deliciouscake 3

whoever this moderator is, he must be from alaska. I only suggested that alaskans use the pizza boxes for heaters. that joke took a whole 2 minutes to type on and iPod.

He could always bring a battery powered heater into his car from his house :S

...or a mains powered one with a very long extension cord.

jizzho 0

sarah palin wants her pizzas hot

Ouuch. I live in Alaska too (Fairbanks). Not good when the weather's -40! I hope you get it fixed soon haha

You live in Alaska and your username is Glaciernerd. Wow.

chillinAK 9

Haha, I live I North pole! I remember when I first came on this site, only one other person claimed Alaska. Ah well. OP, this made me laugh. it took me 7 hours to thaw and get a jump on my battery this morning due to a blown breaker. I couldn't imagine working in my car for a long period. But, you shoulda begged borrowed or worked OT to fix your heater before the "finally" came to play.

I wish I lived in alaska,. not texas

free2speak 14

I live in Texas! and to be honest, I will take 50 weather outside right over -50 any day!!

OP YDI you said "finally" so on some grounds you extected this, you could have stopped this op.

me too. I live in anchorage

I live in Fairbanks to. Haha. Wow. Dude that must suck!

I live in anchorage as well

I live in wadi la in between Fairbanks and anchorage it gets cold. that sucks I hope it gets fixed.

Haha I live in ak too. just in wasilla

quick, cover the pizzas with your jacket!

itsbuckyb 6

buy a damn sled.

It would still be cold.

more like buy a jacket

More like buy a plane ticket to get the **** out of Alaska

more like fix the heater or buy a new one because some people may like alaska and probably own at least 10 jackets

More like find a better job, cuz delivering pizzas doesn't earn you a new heater.

More like c-c-combo breaker! :)

asore 0


what if it's uphill?

Grayfoxx 5

Actually a lot people actually get paid to live there because if the shitty conditions, and I believe their minimum wage is about 12 or 13 dollars.

Grayfoxx 5

Actually a lot people actually get paid to live there because if the shitty conditions, and I believe their minimum wage is about 12 or 13 dollars.

harry_potter_luv 0

dont complain. some people cant even get a pizza delivery job. at least youre getting paid, in this economy

There's always one " this economy" comment in every employment related FML.

wont be for long with frozen pizzas

iSitt 0

31, are you surprised in an economy like this?

Some people can't afford to be surprised in this economy.

I am pretty sure you can get a job anywhere that doesnt involve education if you would get off your sorry ass

boatkicker 4

#86, it's not easy to get ANY sort of job at all right now. It took me three years and several hundred applications to every place I could find before I finally got a job.

the "bad economy" has hardly even laid it's finger on Alaska. haha :p

why you gotta be the one feeg??

alliewillie 22

He wasn't complaining about the job. He was saying his heater went out in Alaska and his job requires him to spend a lot of time in the car.

Just on the day you forgot your jacket.. Your life sucks indeed.

Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to Alaska.

Robert3Ash 0

Righttttt? How?

since you list ft rich as your home town, im assuming youre a military baby and youre not really FROM alaska. so please dont tell the world what is good or not good for us. chances are, with you being 16, you have no REAL interest in politics so why dont you just shut the hell up since youre only speaking to hear yourself talk.

sorry, my rant was for sshelbyy.

boatkicker 4

neverneverland Being 16 doesn't mean someone isn't genuinely interested in politics. I was first interested in politics when I was about 14.

Good one 7 oh and neverneverland whomever you are don't say that just because I am 14 doesn't mean I am completely incompetent my mom has a masters degree in polisci (political science) and masters in foreign affairs so last time I checked I probably know more than you so you should just shut your mouth and stop judging people!! I hope that you stop being a stupid pig!!

Masterbation will keep you warm :)

zp5 4

*Masturbation No. No it won't.

olivesd23 0

"dont worry i saw it on man vs. wild.. that feels amazing."

Dude, I can never pull it off, I get distracted and either lose it or go off the road, its a lose lose

If your car heater died, your car is about to die, and then your life is going to suck even worse.

Your car heater dying has nothing to do with your car dying.

if you live in Alaska you should probably make sure your heater is properly maintained. you said it 'finally' died so you knew there was a problem. YDI for being a gucking retard. I bet you even think Sarah Palin is smart and has good ideas.

spanelli 16

Don't make the assumption that the OP knew there was something wrong over one word. It could have been an older car for all you know. Also, learn to use proper grammar before you call anybody stupid.

Also, don't diss Sarah.. Especially since nobody could ever be worse than Obama.

#10, **** you, how about you try and fix the heater on a pizza delivery wage? despite popular belief there is poverty in this country asshole.

10 - I don't see ur "gucking" problem

meganasoarus 0

that's what people said about bush, nax. :( god I hope they don't get any worse.

go **** yourself. please an thank you.