By MikeMorin18 - 01/08/2011 00:07 - United States

Today, at work I was talking to a co-worker about what a slacker my manager was, and how all she did was stand around and talk. She was standing behind me the whole time. I now have sore nuts due to a direct hit from a broom handle. FML
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raider27 7

Can't she get into trouble for hitting a co-worker?


Your manager sounds like a real ball buster to me


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that's assault isn't it? and always protect ur sack.

sandi315 0

It's like the movies... Oh god is it behind me?

good squirrels protect their nuts

12em12 1

If you are gonna talk about someone, you shouldn't do it where the person works.

otb113 7

A direct hit in the Jacobs from a fucking broomstick?! take that bitch to court.

YourEvilHero 12

who in the blue hell calls them Jacobs? oh hey I'm gonna call mine chris' cus my name is chris

Hmm . . . I find it odd you compare me to testicles -_-

don't sue her. Get over talked shit. your lucky you wernt fired.

I thought he said it in the perfect place just not the right time unless he wanted to have his nuts smashed

birdmanjr 1

Who the hell calls it "blue hell"?

I believe "yourevilhero" does.

So you were standing around and talking about how your manager just stands around and talks?


your coworker's a dick for not telling you

Correction: he can say whatever the fuck he wants. this is america. free speech trumps the manager's violence.

Actually, that's not how freedom of speech works. Slander is actually an offense punishable by death. Or lawsuit. I forget which one. Probably death.

So why are you messing with her boyfriend if you're a lesbian. That's pretty f'ed up! ;)

SpeechQween94 14

You commented on the wrong post

Mitzi_doll 0

lol , fail . (:

dyble95 0

That is exactly why I do not talk about people behind there backs.

X_Codes 11

Indeed. Mild testicular discomfort is worth more than your paycheck, though. Don't like it? Then don't talk shit about your boss.

iPoopMusic 0

Or in this case, behind your back.

23 is obvioisly a grammar nazi

45, no shit, Sherlock.

his spelling sucks though. look at his profile

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raider27 7

Can't she get into trouble for hitting a co-worker?

only if the other person has enough balls to give a witness statement knowing he could get the same treatment

slushpup9696 12

and it doesn't look like he has enough balls anymore. The broom crushed them, remember?

it's battery, not to mention it's a superior hitting a subordinate. this has "wrong" and "lawsuit" written all over it. YDI to an extent op because you can't just mouth off at work like that but fyl for your manager being such a bitch!

64 - you hit the nail on the head there. Your manager's a violent sociopath, find HER manager and complain, or go get a lawyer (your company is almost certainly vicariously liable here too). She'll likely get fired and you'll receive some sort of compensation.

Rico_Mal1116 0

At least the broom stick wasn't up your ass.

You deserve it for standing around and talking, you slacker.

lolololer 8

i find it funny how she was complaining that all her manager would do is "stand aroumd and talk". so wouldnt she be expecting for her manager to be standing around right behind her??

you mean "he" "his" and "him"?

SpicyGrass 0

Yes, brooms are known for sweeping 'nuts' away.

yea, you had it coming...


Your manager sounds like a real ball buster to me

Pretty much a female Michael Scott...

hcs4life21 0

107 - I see nothin wrong with the spelling in his profile