By MikeMorin18 - United States
Today, at work I was talking to a co-worker about what a slacker my manager was, and how all she did was stand around and talk. She was standing behind me the whole time. I now have sore nuts due to a direct hit from a broom handle. FML
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  humorizer  |  14

Actually, that's not how freedom of speech works. Slander is actually an offense punishable by death. Or lawsuit. I forget which one. Probably death.


it's battery, not to mention it's a superior hitting a subordinate. this has "wrong" and "lawsuit" written all over it. YDI to an extent op because you can't just mouth off at work like that but fyl for your manager being such a bitch!

  saintdalman  |  4

64 - you hit the nail on the head there. Your manager's a violent sociopath, find HER manager and complain, or go get a lawyer (your company is almost certainly vicariously liable here too). She'll likely get fired and you'll receive some sort of compensation.

  lolololer  |  8

i find it funny how she was complaining that all her manager would do is "stand aroumd and talk". so wouldnt she be expecting for her manager to be standing around right behind her??