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  lololol32  |  0

Hey, pee is good for plants. It carrys nitrogen and other minerals, helping the plant be more robust, AND your father is reducing water pollution by putting his piss to good use. You have a lot to learn from your father and you would be wise to follow in his footsteps.

... just kidding OP, this FML is pretty sad :(

  Stefany713  |  0

in my family fathers day mean both my dad and my mom coming home at 3am drunk telling me and my brother not to worry if they die that night. then my dad passes out on the floor while my mom falls in her own puke, saying it smells bad. I'm so serious this happened last year lol

  Ms_Jessie22  |  8

Haha celebrity? No. Although glamour whore (as I've been called) does seem almost synonomous with that. I just come on here often enough to recognize most people and be recognized in turn. Loren's more of a 'celeb' than me. He's sure been around longer.