Movie theatre fun

By Username - 02/08/2011 04:43 - Australia

Today, I was in a cinema watching a movie to review in the local paper. Suddenly, the guy behind me leans in and starts whispering and hissing, "Do it... Do... It. DO IT" for the rest of the movie. I'm still not sure what he wanted me to do, but he did smell of vomit and had a tea-cosy on his head. FML
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StopDropNRoll 11

What in the world is a tea-cosy?


chrismacin 0

how is this fyl

StopDropNRoll 11

What in the world is a tea-cosy?

iknowimawesome 13

It's this cloth thing you put around a mug when it's hot. At least I think that's what it is...

It's something you put on a teapot when it's too hot to touch.

i'm curious how your review is gonna sound like.

Its pretty British. This little hat like thing you put on teapots but then, I think most Americans don't actually have teapots.

I only know what a tea cozy (or is it cosy…?) is thanks to Dobby. XD

CattyPurry 0

I would have poured my drink on him, slapped his face with my chicken tenders or just simply moved to another seat.

Well.. OP did you do it

Was anyone else amused when they saw that #4 was from the FML team? Or is it just me?

PopRocks14 0

Well, YDI for not doing it!! *waits for idiots to think im serious*

34, just you. Everyone else already knew that

He had the tea-cosy on his head because he was too hot to touch.

And you just sat there and took it? I would have done something about it.

gmc_blossom 21

Darn, someone already mentioned Dobby. -_-

Maybe that guy works for Nike

StopDropNRoll 11

Two fml team post on my status. I was just wondering what a tea cosy was. Now I know.

Movie theaters sell chicken tenders? Damn, ours only have overpriced popcorn and nachos. :(

ryanst 7

Hmm putting "FML team" on your profile ruins the surprise for trolls when they say "Oh yeah, Sirin? What can you do about it, it's not like you're a moderator or anything." Although it does let me know who I shouldn't piss off..

A tea cosy goes on a tea pot to keep the tea warm. It looks kinda like a hat

You probably should have did it...

You probably should have did your English homework...

AaronTkr 0

maybe the guy sitting behind OP was taking it in the ass.

Jvr91 8

Just do it....Nike

Well if he kept on asking you to do it, why the **** wouldn't you!

gunmania0 12

You should've done it.

Fx13mz 7

He wants you to review that movie HARD.

I wonder what he wanted you to do?!

iknowimawesome 13

Did you finally end up doing it?

CrAzYyEt 8

So.... Do it.

This man's face should be printed alongside the 'Just do it' slogan on Nike shirts