By Martine624 - Netherlands
Today, I spent nearly two hours listening to our cleaning lady talking about her son's infected penis, her fear of dentists, how to catch and kill ducks, her husband's childhood and her supposedly murdered dog. She ended up crying and left without cleaning. FML
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  JustinJK  |  21

That's why I said "that's what therapists for". Counselors are helpful and are trained to give proper feedback. whereas it probably made OP uncomfortable.

  Soloman212  |  28

Therapist is better than OP, but OP is better than nothing. Hopefully the cleaning lady can find a way to talk to a therapist, but at least OP helped even if only a little.

By  Allusivness  |  21

She might have no one to talk about this to OP. She must of told you this in strength and cried when she finished due to fear of some sort. Give her support and she will clean for free :3

By  WCARlover  |  34

Whoa, cleaning lady has a lot on her plate. You were probably the first person she was able to talk to about all that and helped her a lot even if it may not have seemed that way.

By  CoopsShea  |  11

What? Who doesn't like to hear about infected penises and doctors. No just kidding that sucks for you hopefully you didn't pay and were able to find another maid.

  JustinJK  |  21

Or the cleaning lady can do her job that she's paid for. My father runs a company and works from home half the time. That's the one place his housekeepers never clean because he's always in video/voice meetings and working hard to make money to pay them. If someone doesn't want to clean their house, and instead higher a little help on the side to relieve them of life's little stress, more power to them.