By mrdentist - 02/12/2010 13:20

Today, I was cleaning one of my elderly patient's teeth. After finishing and reminding her to floss, I realised she had died. Supposedly she was dead for a good 20 minutes. FML
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god's earth is blue. mostly. and the existence of god is debatable, though I believe in him, so I'll let you have that.

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Sounds dreadful. All that work you did to make her teeth clean was for nothing. Then again, had she lived, it probably still would have been for nought, as most life forms (especially your disgusting, ape-like species) contually eat and drink substances that damage their teeth. Don't try to figure it out. I'm 50,000 times more intelligent than you, and I don't know the reason behind it. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

I second # 80's point. Learn to put thought's together you ape-like thing.

80 and 82 are idiots. its a hitchikers guide to the galaxy reference

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when she gets up to heaven God will say, "they told you to brush"

Full of ourselves maybe? I've noticed that usually one that is claiming intelligence has none. The boasting of one's ego is only to take their mind off of the lack of understanding that the person has. And you sir, seem to have a smug sense of self worth.

Actually I do enjoy 51's comments. He got his own style

126-Agreed. I love 51's comments. And he can write whatever he wants if you don't like his comments stop reading them dumb bitches it's as simple as that. Bitches. Don't talk to me about bitches. hehe had to couldn't resist.

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I agree with #85 :) I personally quite enjoyed that reference.

It saddens me y'all don't understand "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" reference.

51, does that mean you arent human since you referred to humans as an "ape like species"? What are you :O

Why has #51 been voted down so much, the comment was brilliant XD

Poor Mr. Dentist. I don't blame him for not noticing. According to my dentist, people fall asleep while she's cleaning their teeth all the time.

Falling asleep does not equal death. OP is not a great hygienist if he/she didn't notice the lack of breathing and salivating and possibly the vacating of bowels and urine.

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#36, there is always the possibility that in her old age she would vacate her bowls while she was still alive, so I wouldn't completely depend on that as evidence of her death. The breathing, though, would work fine.

I would assume, or at least hope, that the OP was wearing some kind of gloves while working on his patients teeth so that could have desensitized their hands enough to not notice the lack of breathing. I would also hope they were wearing some kind of mask, which again could desensitize them to the breathing since they would be feeling their own breath against their face.

You can't even assume that they should notice the lack of the rising and falling chest because a lot of times that's not that noticeable. If you don't believe me the just watch someone while they are sleeping because really relaxed breathing often looks like no breathing at all.

As for the salivating issue, that can be covered by the fact that the OP was cleaning the woman's teeth. They would have been using enough moisture to hide a sudden lack of spit, plus I don't imagine dying means that your mouth instantly dries out. Sorry about the multiple comments, I have to keep my comments short or they don't post.

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Atleast she died with a clean mouth! Some people aren't as fortunate!! lol

oh man, that would be such a traumatizing realization... hey btw how was your sleep..... for eternity... ?

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holy ****** shit. this is why I refuse to be a dental's assistance, I would freak out. I'm sorry FYL

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FYL :( That's sad.. and, 35- are you saying that because she's actuallu cute or just because her boobs are all out?

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agreed, 49. 36 is just saying she's cute because she has no shirt on.

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how about putting on a shirt. your pathetic

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then again it's not an everyday thing for an old woman to die while your cleaning her teeth xD

all tho I will agree that she is cute, but it helps to have no shirt :)

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Kiwi exchange, your pic looks cuter than hers anyway.

your* don't correct someone if you're wrong :)

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KiwiExchange is not that girl. I've seen that before on google. at least the girl without a shirt is actually her.

Hate to break everyones hearts here but those thar are A cups.

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exActly she doesn't even have big boobs!!

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You're a dentist and you clean people's teeth? Do you not have a dental hygienist in your office to do that for you?

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Who said OP is a dentist? He/She said I was cleaning a patients teeth...they could very well be the dental hygienist. 8) Sorry OP that sucks! FYL

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oops. Nevermind. I just saw the "" my bad. 8) Sorry!! ha

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So, how does it feel to be a murderer?

I'm pissed that you beat me to it, but not too pissed to laugh anyway.

56- It's that the 4th or 5th time you've said that? Just admit that Perdix is funnier than you.

A) *is that B) if it is, I haven't been keeping count. I'm surprised you have been; I mean, who really cares?! This is an internet forum for Chrissakes, not something that actually matters (hence my long disappearances). C) faster at commenting on new FMLs is NOT the same thing as funnier, so you fail logic along with English. D) I'll still admit he's funnier, since he is! It's not like I'm going to cry myself to sleep just b/c there exists at least one funnier person in the world.