By Mumbling Mutt101 - 15/08/2011 06:23 - Australia

Today, I came home to find a window broken and my neighbours searching inside my house. Apparently, they'd heard a small child asking for help inside my house. I recently taught my dog to "talk." FML
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You know what else is funny? That I'm one of the people that thumbed down your comment. AHAH.


xoconnie 8

whaaaat? i dont get it. dogs cant say 'help'......................... ?

They can't. The dog was making noises that, according to OP's neighbours, sounded like a kid calling for help

I don't really see an FML here... o_O

juicedboi 7

At least your neighbors would act f something was happening. Assuming they army batshit crazy, and pay for the broken window, I would consider this a plus.

They didn't call emergency services when they thought a child needed help so urgent that breaking and entering wasn't a problem. That's retarded or crazy.

theten_fml 9

Best thing to do: don't say anything about your dog and make them pay for damages

xoconnie 8

that wasnt supposed to be a question mark.

xoconnie 8

after thinking about it, maybe ur neighbors were trying to steal stuff from ur house! and then just blamed it on childrens voices! make sure all ur valuables and crap are still there. :0

Jvr91 8

No no no OP your neighbor Michael Vick knew it was a dog he just told you he thought it was a kid so he didn't seem like he was trying to steal your dog!

Andrew1122 0

Neighbours? I thought it was neighbors

Hey, Andrew with a picture of someone who isn't him, but you tried to crop it to look like it's you, not everyone who posts on here is from America, dumbass. And even if they are, they are free to spell it in the way that British/The Colonies spell it.

hahaha keyman that's so true. it's like the word color the British spells it like colour.

cldean24 4

Ummm, he wasn't rude about the spelling. Why are you guys so upset?

neonblue120 6

Most people are model material photoshop does wonders to warp people's standards of beauty.

WTF? I don't know who... but you or your neighbors are a little "off center".

Thanks OP! Next time we have a neighbor with a dog and want a cookie we have an excuse to go get it!

#96, his photo is of Boston rapper Sammy Adams. If you like rap, I'd say check him out. I really like him a lot. Kinda pop-rap, but he has a really tight flow on some of his mixtapes.

Why yes OP did teach their dog how to talk. Anything else you want to point out that's obvious?

PancakesEqualLov 0

Apparently you weren't taught to spell.

Yeah, I taught my dog to call me "Daddy" so whenever I am about to give it food or something, it has to call me daddy first.

Lol i forgot the question mark at the end

imthatguythatdid 0

This is the internet, not a ******* english class. Enough with the ******* grammer nazi's

It's funny because I'm the neighbor that did this to you!

You know what else is funny? That I'm one of the people that thumbed down your comment. AHAH.

nixter5 18

He probably likes giving BJ's too...

JTHolloway200 0

I've heard that to many times now...

Not funny anymore, been done too many times!

every1luvsboners, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while, but what on earth is up with your picture?

That's my pig George. George is dead now though...

thats strange, I thought I was able to reply to the right person... I'm sorry to hear about your pig. I love pigs too :/

marybowen 3

i am so sorry :( i love the animal pig :))) i dont eat pigs :)) poor piggy

I don't think a dog can say "help", well enough for someone to recognize hearing it a distance, anyway. I took it as the dog was whimpering and crying and the neighbors thought it was a child.

Whoa, this made me think of Scooby Doo for some reason.

MrPositive 0

You taught your dog to "talk"? That's "awesome"!

valdancer99 0

Why are you repeating, why are you repeating, why ate you repeating, why are you repeating !!?!!?!?!!!??!?

DKParth13 5

wow you guys are really dumb fo real!!

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