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  jelly713  |  22

Immerse hands in a bowl of warm water to loosen the hand muscles. It should help the entire hand. Or you can put your hands at a sink of running water.

By  kait11  |  34

I have one in my wrist too- except mine gets inflamed when I play volleyball. Have you tried seeing a doctor for it? I've been told mine is a cyst

By  astralvagan  |  24

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By  msbrendabella  |  20

I have it too.. You can massage it down and it seems like it goes away but it will come back...massage it down and then wear a wrist guard while you draw and use your computer.. I got mine junior year of high school from drawing and writing..it's been two years since I started using the guard and it prevents it from coming back but if I don't use the guard it does..

  CharresBarkrey  |  20

I'm assuming you're talking about a ganglion cyst? That's what I've got and your description sounds similar to mine. I'll have to try the wrist guard, I never thought of that!

  Izabushel  |  20

I have that as well, on the underside of my wrist. Started when I was around 10. When it gets too big and annoying, I slam it down on hard surface so it ruptures. It is not a treatment I recommend to people. I tried it on another lump which came up on the top of my foot. I tried hitting it with a hammer to see if it would go away because it was irritating where one of my shoes buckled. When it didn't I went and had it x-rayed. Turns out it was arthritis. The Dr though my treatment was amusing, but not advised.

  Kovu_fml  |  20

Ironically that is how doctors used to treat it. They would slam a book down on it to burst it. Now they have better ways of extracting it Less painful ones :)

By  Evie_fml  |  31

Yep, that sucks. There are things you can do to help alleviate the stress on your wrist and prevent it from recurring though; talk to your doctor about your options. It isn't the end of your design career if you take care of yourself.

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