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You should put another girls underwear in there an then let him take credit!

No good deed goes unpunished


No good deed goes unpunished

Oh yes, let this be a lesson kids. Never, I repeat, NEVER help around the house, in case the Karmic Gods themselves decide this is a slight on their very existance, a blasphemy so big that the only way to balance this out is if your significant other sleeps with your Parent. NEVER DO GOOD DEEDS LEST YE OLDE GODS STRIKE THY MEEK BODY DOWN

Pleo, it was OP's moms boyfriend that took the credit for cleaning. Not OP's boyfriend.

Don't worry Pleo, I read it the wrong way too at first.

However, my sarcastic comment deriding the use of that phrase still stands.

Karma has a way of getting to people , don't worry

it's kind of gross to think bout it. op helped w their mom getting laid. instead of cleaning it up he/ she just dirtied it up.

#13 this is the first time ever i saw you with two thumbs down and i wonder how is that possible??

Jogihoppa - Because everyone makes boneheaded comments every now and then, even the mighty Pleonasm. Well, everyone except KaySL. She's completely infallible, man.

#61 totally agreed..

Sounds kinda similar to my step dad. Only instead of him taking credit, he gives it all to my step sister, who is never home and is kinda a lazy slob.

Well thanks for sharing!

'Gives it all'? Hmmm.

Idk, they are kinda weird..........

That moment when your joke becomes a really creepy reality.

It's my creepy reality, unfortunately.

Kind of a. Not, kinda a.

Boo hoo. One grammatical mistake.

'Kind of' and 'kinda' are kinda the same thing.

I bet her boyfriend loves you!

Bribe the bf and get him to buy you stuff or give you money in exchange for letting him take the credit.

don't you just hate when that happens

Yes becuase that happens to all of us all the time..

Thats the joke..

You should put another girls underwear in there an then let him take credit!

"Oh, that underwear? It's not another girl's underwear. I actually got you them as a gift." "Aww, how sweet."

#8 That's why they said another girls underwear. Get some granny panties up in there

What you should do is tell him to pay you for the housework. You clean, he takes credit, he gets laid, you get paid, mom doesn't have to clean. Win. Win. Win.

33#,then put a dirty one, with something smelly on

Make the underwear too big or too small for OP so she wont get the blame. Or if OP wears a specific type of undies, buy a different type.

#38 For some odd reason I think it would be a little creepy to be pimping out your mother's boyfriend to said mother.

I think mom could. Example if OP weighs 125lbs and wears small underwear. Plant a bigger pair of underwear made for a 180lb woman.

Im curios to know how you know he was rewarded in bed.

Prob because she was screaming how well he does laundry!

Lrigglez you bastard!!!!!!

There's a very simple solution here - just STOP. That way you stop breaking your back for nothing, and the dicksplash stops getting extra between-the-sheets credit. You win, he loses.

Something tells me that if OP does she will just get yelled at by her mom for doing nothing.

Eh, better than, as 7 put it, "breaking your back for nothing." Plus hopefully the OP's mom will take her anger out on her BF rather than her own daughter.

I would rather get yelled at for something, vs another person stealing My credit for hardwork.

Well when u write it like that it sounds like ur jealus of the reward...

Leave it to the Internet to bring out the incest in everything.

And when you write like that it sounds like you're still stuck in elementary school.

*jealous Sorry, I have no self control.

You have no self control and yet only corrected one of those mistakes?

Reverse cock block... Way to go OP!

Puts a different twist on the whole "wingman" concept.

He was getting "the reward" before you started cleaning. Just sayin'....