By Alex - New Zealand


Today, it was my engagement party. All was going fabulously, until my fiancé's dad decided to give us a toast, and completely forgot my name in front of all my family and friends. I've been with his son for 7 years. FML
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By  mastersmurf  |  13

FYL double:
(1) He forgot your name. (after 7 years of dating his son)
(2) Your Father-in-law (to be) is too stupid to improvise and refer to you as "the bride to be" or "my future daughter-in-law"

  yamatelle  |  19

Since he's so bad with names, he should have just gone with "son, you married Miss Right but remember, her first name is Always."

Hell, he might have been too drunk to remember that, too.

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

Same thing happened to me at my son's engagement party but luckily I just substituted my pet name for her and carried on. I'm pretty sure no one even noticed my temporary memory lapse.

In fact, I think I might have started a trend, because afterwards I heard several guests whispering about "Sugar Tits".

  NoOneLovesYou  |  13

Some people like to ensure that the person is going to be there before they go and make it permanent. I've known people who waited 10 or 15 years! Furthermore, I know people who waited that long because their only reason for marriage was the legal benefits, as they were perfectly content with their relationship as it was. If you ask me, waiting is a smart move that ensures you won't be filing for divorce in a few years. :P

  Mirorbo  |  26

Darling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting an extended period of time for marriage. It doesn't make the relationship any more beautiful nor any more powerful. All it is, is a legal binding with a social gathering to accommodate it. There are many folks who don't get married for 10 years or more, simply because there's no need for it, or they haven't the money for the party that goes along with it.

Don't judge based on the many youth of today who feel pressured to marry within a 2 year time limit. (I personally blame media for that one...)

  kaykay20  |  0

Never said anything was wrong with it just personally found it to be a long wait and if they didn't want anyone curious about it then why would they post it on here in the first place..

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

As you are in charge of everything they wanted your permission. But they didn't feel worthy. Sorry to interrupt you. I'll just go over here and breathe shallowly so I don't use up your oxygen.