By gypsy - Australia
Today, I hired a cleaner to clean my apartment so when my in-laws visited tonight, they wouldn't think I was lazy. I got home from work, the cleaner hadn't shown at all, and my in-laws had arrived early. My mother-in-law is now mopping the floors. FML
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  Veraymix  |  6

Exact definition of lazy. The time it took you to call the cleaner and wait for them to come, you could have been cleaning. lt would have been done in time.

  nerdfighteria  |  7

She called the cleaner and went to work. She wasn't waiting around her apartment staring at the piles of filth the entire time, although that's not to say that isn't what she usually does . . .

  knightsfb  |  0

77 it says "when I got home from work" guess is that it happened a few days ago and I now typing it on fml...fml just adds the today part automatically

  fthku  |  13

#42, the FML suggests that she wrote this while the mom was cleaning, whether this happened today, yesterday or 50 years ago- "is now mopping the floors".

  1215116a  |  14

'Won' and 'one' have the same amount of letters so why put 'won' if it takes the same amount of 'effort' to put 'one'? :P