By gypsy - 24/06/2011 02:00 - Australia

Today, I hired a cleaner to clean my apartment so when my in-laws visited tonight, they wouldn't think I was lazy. I got home from work, the cleaner hadn't shown at all, and my in-laws had arrived early. My mother-in-law is now mopping the floors. FML
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Yeah you're right. Luckily I managed to change it.

enonymous 8

Need more lemon pledge... no... no... no... you buy.

chlorinegreen 27

procrastination get you no where

wondabitch 0

and now you're on fml while your in laws clean?

So why the hell didn't your husband clean? Or are both of you lazy? I work alot and my house is spotless, it don't take much op. YDI

Kefka91 15

Consuela must've had to attend to Mister Superman's Fortress of Solitude while he's away. Also, YDI for being a lazy bum

VinegarStrokes 0

I hope its not same when you're showering.

Veraymix 6

Exact definition of lazy. The time it took you to call the cleaner and wait for them to come, you could have been cleaning. lt would have been done in time.

Probably didn't show cos you weren't there to let her in. Despite the myth, cleaners can't walk through doors.

She called the cleaner and went to work. She wasn't waiting around her apartment staring at the piles of filth the entire time, although that's not to say that isn't what she usually does . . .

And instead of helping her clean you're on a computer or phone typing up FMLs? Very lazy, OP.

Maybe OP wrote this while she was still at work?

77 it says when I got home from guess is it happened a few days ago and they are typing it...fml just adds the today part

77 it says "when I got home from work" guess is that it happened a few days ago and I now typing it on fml...fml just adds the today part automatically

balest22 0

I didnt know people still mopped these days?? doesn't everyone have swiffer?

those things are inefficient. they do a shitty job. and nobody said OP made her mother-in-law mop...she was probably just so disgusted she did it herself.

rebecca_marie_21 0

I don't get why she didn't mop. She is lazy and mean!

Bbhd05 0

that's something my mom would do. such a sweet lady. love you, ma

noelykins1 19

it's her mother in law... why didn't the husband clean up?

notsocrazee 0

that's like the Sims where you hire the maid and she either doesn't show up or she comes steals you table then leaves.

cause their his parents they already know he's lazy

She said when she arrived home from work so maybe op had to go to work instead of cleaning? And if op is lazy so is her husband since he didn't clean either.

And instead of helping her you're on FML

every fml starts with today, it has to. use your frickin brain it exists, and realize that it was probably yesterday, or some time in the past this happened.

fthku 13

#42, the FML suggests that she wrote this while the mom was cleaning, whether this happened today, yesterday or 50 years ago- "is now mopping the floors".

But she may have still been at work since the mother-in-law arrived early..

fthku 13

"I got home from work ... My mother-in-law is now mopping the floors."

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I think the word you were looking for is "one", nice try though.

meh, close enough, you knew what I ment

1215116a 14

'Won' and 'one' have the same amount of letters so why put 'won' if it takes the same amount of 'effort' to put 'one'? :P

lulututu 4

I hate when people do that. Like saying meh instead of me. Its so dumb.

I say/type meh to describe my mood lol eg 'how are you feeling?' 'meh'

cuz it's a total win so won is the better word!! and why put so much ****** effort Juss to try to correct some1 else?!

well I guess you can all have a big cleaning party! Family bonding is great isnt it! :D

kkins 0

I think if you want something done right you have to do it yourself

Lumenoire 0

Well, at least she can whistle while she works.

xixifwadi 0

yet another exaple of when lazyness prevails except for when it doesn't

sassypants93 17

You went for correcting laziness and completely missed example. If you are going to correct spelling, then do it right.