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Today, months into supporting my mum with her part time cleaning job by cooking dinner for my large family after university, I found out that she doesn't actually have a job, she just leaves the house for a few hours because she doesn't want to cook dinner. FML
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Lazy people can come with many titles, her's just happens to be Mom.

She could've nicely asked for help instead.


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Well, perhaps you now understand what it's like to do everything at once. It's not easy being a mom - she has to cook, clean, look after the kids etc whilst you complain it's hard to study and cook at the same time...

She could've nicely asked for help instead.

oh cmon..i'm full time student, i work part-time and i live with my boyfriend. beside learning and working, i have to do most of the chores -ironing, cooking, cleaninc etc. believe me - it's not that hard ;) but it gets boring :(

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#2 - In theory, it's a great idea - but in practice not so much. When my mom asks my siblings, they kick up a big fuss so mom eventually does it by herself in the end. #6 - It's easy when you have a small load, and you're doing it for yourself, but not so much when you have to do it for everyone else on a constant, large scale basis.

I study being away from home (sort of a dorm), work 10 hours in the weekend and travel back and forth every weekend. I do all the cooking, most of the dishes, most of the cleaning... It's annoying, but it's doable. This mom is just lazy. If she would really work, she'd probably even have extra energy and motivation to cook as well. There's no need for OP to help out, she's at a point in life where she's working for her future. Pretty important to me.

she has no job! she chose to have a large family. It's her responsibility. OP is at university trying to get a better life and a better paid job to support her family.

I agree on some of the things people are saying but I don't agree that just because OP is in university that she shouldn't be helping. There's a small possibility OPs mum doesn't feel like she's appreciated; the issue may run deeper than we think. I understand OP is learning full time but still, I know my mum appreciates when I help around the house and I'm also in a full time job.

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11 - Why are you so judgemental? #6 Studies, works and does chores. If OP's mom is a stay-at-home parent, wouldn't it be appropriate for her to actually do the work any other mother manages to combine with a full time job, rather than lie to get out of cooking?

#1, that doesn't justify the mom lying to her. Subsequently, I'd ask you what life lesson is really being learned here...

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I agree being a working mum is hard, but OP's mum decided to have the large family not OP I personally believe her mum should take responsibility for the family she created and let OP study and better herself so she can create the work/family life that she wants to. Also being lied to by a parent is just rude and breaks trust

I have an aunt and uncle who have 4 children, and my aunt worked full time as a stay at home mom when the children were younger. now 3 of the 4 are in highschool and can handle themselves for the most part so she was able to get a part time job. but doing chores for a couple is nothing compared to doing chores of a family of 6. no offence #6, more power to ya for managing all of that, but a large family requires a different kind of commitment and work load.

Look at the bright side, you get a lot of practice in the kitchen

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Practice for what? To be a 50's type housewife like her mom, who was desperate enough to lie to get out of cleaning? How so very liberal of you...

You don't have to be a 50's mom to be good at cooking, it is always nice to eat at someones place when make delicious food.

13, are you saying women shouldn't learn to cook? Also, I know women who actually LIKE to do the things like cleaning and cooking for their other half! If it works for the individual and the other half appreciates I don't see why there's a problem with women liking the kitchen!

I agree with 22. Saying women shouldn't be in the kitchen is also a bit sexist. I'll spend about and hour a day or so cleaning, but all of my free time is spent in there because I make a living out of baking.

It's always good to know how to cook, as it's a hell of a lot cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time! The issue here is that OP's mom lied to get out of cooking for the large family SHE (the mom) chose to have. Had the mother said she needed help with the running of the household, that would have sounded a lot better.

Lazy people can come with many titles, her's just happens to be Mom.

Maybe it's nice for you to help out? Stop being so selfish and help your mom

Uhm, I don't think you read the FML correctly. The mom is the one that needs to help out in this situation. She is just being a lazy bitch.

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Wow, lazy isn't she? Time to introduce her to 20 minute recipes. At least your culinary skills are superb, right?

So spend hours in the kitchen making noise, but don't actually make dinner. When everybody asks where it is, tell them you weren't actually cooking, you were just saying that to get out of actually doing it.

She should know that it's not easy being very studious and cooking also, she could have just asked for help if she needed it, therefore dividing the work load a little more evenly rather than one person, you or her, doing it all.

You should really all help her, if she needs help... It's just that lying about having a job to force you into helping her is a little manipulative. Maybe now that you found out you can tell your whole family to try and help with the chores?