By strongjon60 - 07/02/2012 15:07 - United States

Today, at my internship, I was told we were going to do something fun. I was excited, until I found out that this "fun" thing was labeling 500 folders. FML
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I sometimes find tasks like that fun, it depends if I can make a game out of it or not.

That's how my boss gets me to empty the garbage bins :(


That's how my boss gets me to empty the garbage bins :(

when someone says that to me i always expect crap at first then see if i get excited later

That's how my boss gets me to empty the garbage and clean the bathrooms also.

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i'm jealous of my parents. i'll never have such a cool kid like they did. :(

I dunno'. I'm more of a labelin' kinda' gal. I wouldn't mind it if I had to choose between that and emptying the garbage.

Same here. I used to be an assembly line worker some time ago. If i could spend all 14 hours of my workday labeling folders id have fun.

Last time my boss told me that I was shoveling literal shit out of a tank

I sometimes find tasks like that fun, it depends if I can make a game out of it or not.

Or take loads and loads of hallucinogenic substances, so they sing little songs and squirt rainbows when you label them?

I think Rattusrattus has already taken his share of hallucinogenic substances.

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It depends on the type of "game"

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And btw funniest replies to this comment out of all comments.

I'm completely sober, I just have a weird life.

Gotta start at the bottom and work your way up, can't start at the top, OP.

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I like starting at the top of the stack and working my way down. I feel like pulling folders from the bottom is such a hassle. =P

Judging by 3's username, she's never getting to the top.

Lol depending on what she's on top of..... Jkjkjk

I bet u have a great personality *no pun intended*

How weird to find my own sister on FML...

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...does that make it fin? No? Didn't think so.

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Internships usually are no fun :(

Sounds invigorating!!! Reminds of my exciting intern days back at the old office depot. Return the favor by being fun 'inturn'.

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I got excited for you! I would love that.

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You've got to take the initiative to make it fun. Convince your hot, female co-workers that today is National Label Naked Day. Suddenly, labeling becomes fun! That's thinking outside the box, which may lead to you getting in a box or two;)

Getting into a box?! What kind of hip dimensions are you attracted to?! *that lady spongebob is incredible!*

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Labelling boxes? I wonder what adhesive will be applied...

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It's really only part of you that you want to get into the box. Kind of a synecdoche in reverse.

I think you need to think outside the box, personally :P

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At least you'll be working with stickers! Could be worse :]

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F is for friends who do stuff together...

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C is for Caring and K is for Kindness.

I swear when I read this I started singing it in my head.

F is for fire that burns down the whole town...U is for uranium BOMBS!!!! :D

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No no a7xlover that's not how you do it! Here let's try again! F is for frolic through all the flowers!

U is for ukulele. N is for nose picking, sharing gum and licking sand here with my best buddy!

Hey it's better than labeling 1000 folders...

Yeah and its even more better than labeling 2000 folders...

And thats better than naming 100000000 folders..

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Even better than your whole job consisting of labeling folders

Better than ur whole life sitting and ******* the folders..

43 Is there a job where people actually do such a thing to those poor folders?

Ru interested?I will create one for u...

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Office supplies fetish? That's a new one.

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i love inserting my penis in the small hole of the scissor's handle.

I like putting my dick in the pencil sharpener myself...

Hope u don't write with that sharpened penisil and its white graphite...