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  notsorandomguy  |  18

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  Welshite  |  39

#14: I don't think anyone in a serious relation doesn't know their partner's name. Maybe if it was a extremely drunken night with a one night stand...

  kyleekay  |  25

Welshite- Exactly. Forgetting her name in the heat of the moment is one thing, but calling her a completely different name (as the FML implied) is ridiculous.

  jelly713  |  19

I agree with 1. In any serious relationship, your partner knows your name. Although in my case, my boyfriend forgets exactly what my last name is & pronounces my first name weird (very strongly) which is because he likes my nickname, Ellie, better.
So unless your name is hard to pronounce, or long there is no reason your boyfriend shouldn't recall your name even if it takes a moment or so (when you're in the moment). & definitely no excuse to call you an entirely different name.

  Meettitan  |  14

56- your logic makes no sense. Let's say OPs girl has a name with multiple pronunciations; you're saying she wouldn't then ask to have her name whispered because of that? It's appalling how you even mention reading comprehension.

  may651  |  14

If it is katelynn and she wanted to hear the whole thing and he only said Kate asshole gf. But if it is no where close to Kate asshole guy.

  PrincessPesa  |  20

Jeez, I posted at 2 AM when 63 had 6 thumbs down and I got buried. The guy below me wrote virtually the same comment- he doesn't even give kudos to the right number- and gets thumbed up. WTF Internet? Is this a time zone thing?

  Czech_Zidane  |  14

I think that if she had told him a fake name, she would remember the fake name. Maybe not, who knows, but more likely it was the "more girlfriends at once" problem.

  gmc_blossom  |  21

Your comment is so full of wisdom and humour, I'm beginning to feel the rush of an overload of awe for your comment. I doubt I'll be able to finish typing th

  Grimmerie  |  31

Reverse the genders in that sentence. Imagine saying to a girl "I hope he punched you".

Not as funny.

Domestic violence is domestic violence, regardless of gender, and quite honestly I find that sort of joke quite tasteless.

All right, I'm done. As you were.

  Beranii  |  5

123- are you kidding me? It would hardly be an act of domestic violence. Punching some idiot who very well deserves to get some common sense knocked into him does not sound like a bad idea to me. Now if she did it on a regular basis... Then yeah. But that's not the case.

Learn to take a goddamn joke and get that stick outa your ass