By Anonymous - 15/09/2013 07:53 - United States - Carbondale

Today, I was complimented by a stranger, who said I looked great in my outfit. I thanked her, and she immediately gave me a fist-bump. I stared curiously, and she explained: she was arguing with her friends about whether I'm a man or a woman. The pitch of my voice was the answer. FML
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You should have confused them and began talking in a different pitch

She didnt have to explain it, though. Ignorance is bliss sometimes :/


You should have confused them and began talking in a different pitch

friedpwnadge 25

Or better yet, told them you were actually a man but born looking like a woman, just for the icing on the cake.

Should've told them you'd write down your gender on a piece of paper for them. Leave and have the words "I have an unusually high voice." Leave them questioning their judgement forever!!! Always wondering...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

No, OP, you should have pulled out your boobies and started singing the milk shake song. Then start doing jumping jacks naked and get the girl to join in while you guys video taped yourselves kissing and send it to me through email. That's exactly what you should have done in a situation like this.

I'm sure if she had boobs there would have been no confusion.

You are wrong since I have big boobs and have strangers think I'm a guy and plus there are females with small boobs and flat chested

Spider_Web 11

Yeah I have big boobs and people keep thinking I'm a guy too

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Probably that butch hair cut you got there, 64. Maybe grow it out and throw on some make up, kaboom, no more mistaken gender.

She didnt have to explain it, though. Ignorance is bliss sometimes :/

To be honest, if I wasn't aware that I was confused for the other gender, I would have wanted to know. IMO

I'm not saying that she didn't have to find out. I'm saying that OP didn't have to have been told the reason that the other person talked to OP to begin with. Unless, am I reading your statement wrong?

At least they complimented you :D They could have said something mean instead. I'm sure you looked fabulous.

But was the compliment just the easiest way to get a reply?

stormstarcj 12

OP already had her hand in a fist, so perfect opportunity!

#4, I don't think your logic for hitting her would be correct: She came up to talk to her, to determine Op's gender. Op answered, revealing she was indeed female, and the questioner was thrilled to discover this, leading me to believe she was on Op's side in the first place by betting she was a girl. So while making such a bet may be a bit insensitive, Op would be slugging out the wrong person, IMO. :) Punch out her friends! ;P

SparklyCuntt 12

But it's none of that stupid bitch's business on what ******* gender OP identifies as.

Yeah, I think that's a bit much for the circumstance.

That's pretty rude, maybe she should have kept that part to herself. Anyways, don't let that get you down OP!

It does seem rude that she did not consider that it would make op feel bad, but from the information given it doesn't seem like she was intentionally trying to offend her either. But, just because some stranger made an insensitive comment to op doesn't mean they have to feel bad! The beauty to life is that we get to decide how we want to see things :)

Neither being male or female is a bad thing, so what's so horrible about being confused with the wrong gender? It shouldn't be offensive. A little kid once asked my transgender friend if he was a boy or a girl, and he was totally okay with being asked. Little kids seem kinda wise in that respect; there shouldn't be anything wrong with asking someone that sort of thing. There's nothing wrong with a boy looking like a girl or a girl looking like a boy.

Androgyny is so very sexy nowadays, check out some models! The media would be all over your pretty face! :3

That joke doesn't work with EVERY single situation.

nightowl713 25

#22- not sure if that was a reply to 12 or 16, but 12's joke did in fact fit here, seeing as how Meg has gender identity crisis in almost every episode of family guy... And 16's reference to Pauly D, was also pretty accurate based on number 12's chosen hair style. So your comment is the only one I don't see working here....

Yeah, you could have live without knowing that

Some people are such dicks, but hey OP, don't let it get you down. Life is full of such stupid people.