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By  pjsr  |  32

To show one is not gender biased sexist, the proper thing to do now is to not assume a person is the gender that she or he appears to be. The only way to do that is to assume the person is the opposite gender of one’s appearance.
How dare you malign these culturally sensitive people!

  WHSKitty4ever  |  23

Understood. I wasn’t meaning her any offense. I was thinking that if if she was a smaller size, then maybe some idiots would mistake her for a guy, especially since there are TGs who wear dresses. (I’ve had friends who are transgender, so again, no offense meant.)

By  Quasita  |  26

I feel for the OP. I'm not even manly looking in the face... But get regularly mistaken if people see me from behind, simply because I'm broadly built and over 6' tall. It's crazy how many people immediately assume you're a sir based on height alone.