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Today, I found out that my dad makes me wear dresses and skirts not because I look pretty in them, but because he was sick and tired of people asking him if I was a boy or a girl. FML
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jackiemoonthepro 5

Isn't it a little bit harsh to tell OP that she doesn't act like a girl, whilst you absolutely don't know her? And now I wonder, what is 'acting like a girl' actually? Talking about your period? Wear stilleto's? Constantly giggling? What if OP likes to be a tomboy? Or what if she just looks manly? I think she has the right to complain, it's obvious that she never knew she looked unisex, and I guess it's not nice to discover.


boyguydudemalema 0

this fml makes me wonder if #1's a man with long curly hair or just an manly looking chick . . . ?

Badshah29 6

Hey, if trasexual men like look just like girls, you can too. And you'll probably grow out of it ;)

PurpleRae420 0

Ya know with a little make up it doesn't matter what you wear and if you part it and put gel in it! Damn you musta looked like a straight up dike sorry OP and if you look pretty in dresses and skirts then you musta made yourself look really ugly frumpy

imacreeper 3

your life sucks, bro--oh, I mean...

Well, wear whatever you want? How old are you?

livelaughcheer_2 2

That sucks lay off the gym and wear more pink and grow your hair out if you have boy cut hair that may help... but dads right skirts will do the trick as well

swimchica22 0

81 I'm glad you know your animals....

IphonFML 6

123, obviously its a stick figure taking it up the bum... dduuhhhhhh

ur abs arent symmetrical. its bugging me.

people it's not that she has short hair or anything. maybe she just has more facial hair than a middle aged man and a well defined chin. that could give someone a thought that you're a guy

@77 the only reason I could tell you were girl in your pic was by your boobs! It could just have been her hair cut!

well in that case, continue wearing them!

I agree you won't find love looking like a guy

139, I believe attire doesn't entirely determine whether you find your other half or not.. continue being a dick at that rate you won't find it yourself.

idklalaalala 0

first! and well you should be thanking your dad then before people start asking YOU

sxe_beast 11

Not first. You fail miserably at life and should take your car speed up to 100 mph and drive into a tree.

kittea86 0

then start dressing and acting like one

yeah. Don't complain about it. Maybe if you dressed and acted like a girl, it wouldn't happen. I grew up with 3 younger brothers, and I STILL played with my dolls and did 'girlie' things. Stop being such a tomboy, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Your dad makes you wear?! What are you, 10 ? Anyway start acting like one if this is an issue

Isn't it a little bit harsh to tell OP that she doesn't act like a girl, whilst you absolutely don't know her? And now I wonder, what is 'acting like a girl' actually? Talking about your period? Wear stilleto's? Constantly giggling? What if OP likes to be a tomboy? Or what if she just looks manly? I think she has the right to complain, it's obvious that she never knew she looked unisex, and I guess it's not nice to discover.

denbeste 3

#17 we don't care. We are here to be mean. Deal with it. :-)

cc_the_beast 6

She should be able to dress and act however she wants to, who gives a **** what anybody else thinks. If someone can't tell if you're a boy or a girl it only proves how stupid and narrow minded they are. I'm so sick of this social expectation for girls to do girly things and boys to do boyish things. do whatever the **** feels right, and screw anybody who tries to tell you otherwise.

sabrinahusic 0

okay even tomboys look like girls! They just don't really care about their appearance. Not like girly girls anyway. OP might be a butch lesbian? Who knows?. I for one don't care. This is not an FML if you want to be seen as a girl act like one. Stop spitting in public, grow your hair, put some makeup on...and if you must wear guys clothes do so. Atleast you'll look more like a girl in guys clothes.

cc_the_beast 6

Haha who said anything about spitting!?

smh to everybody who assumed on this guys are assuming and when you assume you only make an ass outta u and me. or your being stereotypical. I understand everybodies personal desire to share their two cents but seriously..stereotpyes aren't need neither are 'facts' based off of such little knowledge...

Wow, I wear male-style clothes because the womens' section is SO ******* FROUFROU KNITWEAR AND PINK *vomit* and don't wear makeup. People still see me as female. At least, the creepy guys who try to hit on me see me as female... OP, wear your trousers with pride! :D Some people are just too lazy to use their own eyes.

guckylynn 19

17, if you want to use the word whilst, learn how to use it properly.

stop spitting and start swallowing bitch

you mean to say YOUR here to be mean. not everyone on here is an asshole.

emmkaycee 0

59 - Before you critique someone else's word choice or grammar, make sure English is their first language. Don't be a Nazi.

OP can do whatever she likes, but if she's complaining because people can't tell what gender she is, she should do something about instead of complaining. But if she's complaining about her Dad making her wear skirts and dresses for his personal gain, OP should talk to her Dad about that.

And you mean to say YOU'RE. If you're gonna to emphasize a word through capitalization, please use it correctly.

Seriously 58? No one said you have to wear 'frou frou' or pink to look like a woman. Most of the 'girly girls' I know wear jeans most of the time, it's a matter of wearing clothes that are fitted (not tight, fitted) to your body instead of just hanging off of you and carrying yourself with confidenc

Bekeliyr 10
jackiemoonthepro 5

Oh yea. SHE is so popular even her father doesn't know his DAUGHTER's gender.

Ali_Br_fml 33

He knows her gender, it's everyone asking him what gender she is that caused him to force girly clothes upon OP. But OMG, did you see her concert about the monster ball? It reminded me of that. I woke up to it playing on HBO or some other channel one night.

LoveTheObsession 5
boyguydudemalema 0

i'd get pretty upset too if someone asks my gender. *points at my name* so yeah, grow your hair a little bit more and wear a little bit more make up (not too much or you'll end up a typical clown ****)

chlorinegreen 27

and you say I look like a man when my profile pic shows everything you just described. you're an asshole for saying I look like a dude.

cc_the_beast 6

She doesn't have to do any of that shit. Other people need to stop being inbred retards when it comes to perception of gender roles. Just because I have short hair and minimal make-up does not make any less of a woman than the *****-tastic hoes you see everywhere.

Ali_Br_fml 33, are you a Girl... or a boy? I can't tell... your name confuses me. Just kidding. And I don't wear make-up. I am most comfortable in jeans and a shirt though I wear dresses for pictures. Girls don't have to wear dresses and high heels to look like girls... it just makes us prettier. Don't worry op. You may look more like a girl when you get older... and if you don't, well... you were given your body for a reason.

I have very short hair, and I am never mistaken for a male, so I really doubt how long her hair is has anything to do with it

maybe she has a very flat chest instead of short hair like everyone says

chlorinegreen 27

I'm not saying that you have to have long hair but he told me I look like a guy when in the picture he saw my hair is long and down and I have some make up on. I enjoy jeans and a tshirt as much as everyone and I love rubbing my eyes without worrying about makeup.

12em12 1

I have a flat chest and people do not mistake me for a guy.

It's a good plan unless you live in Scotland.

Hey no worries, you'll fill out eventually.

hahaha they can't tell what gender u are? haha

salvorican 24

Dude that butterfly wing on that eye does not look cute.. It looks like that eye has a freakish xmen mutation goin on

jacksonds 0

what dose that have to do with anything?!

salvorican 24

I actually kinda like the butterfly eye thing...

salvorican 24

I like everything else but the butterfly.. If it was done different then maybe I might like it but it just doesn't look right

salvorican 24

It's like my wig. Red streaks look great. But they don't look great in my picture

Maybe its because YOU don't look great in that picture..

fmlluver1415 6

kinda looks wierd I'm the pic o.0

salvorican 24

Umm 86 that's exactly why I said it doesn't look great in this picture. I never said I thought I was pretty

the butterfly looks sweet, Red streaks in ur black hair make u look like a black widow, end of story