By Dfacta - 13/05/2010 17:51 - United States

Today, I found out the reason I've been itchy for the last two weeks is because I'm now allergic to chlorine. I'm also a swimming instructor. FML
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orangesodaftw 0

That completely sucks. Time for a career change.

Tikwichka 5

Allergies are not always present from birth or childhood. They can develop from the environment in adulthood.


orangesodaftw 0

That completely sucks. Time for a career change.

Merailima 0

All that training gone to waste... Just be happy it wasn't life threatning Stupid anti flood -_-

FMLRevoluSean 0

Move to a beach and get some salt water!

I bet I know the real reason you've been itchy the last two weeks...

Screw swimming and training, I say just lay out and tan ,-

epoh_fml 0

yup get a beach job or a job working at a salt water pool. still, FYL.

Diannaa 0

What? So you're just figuring this out? Would have thought that you knew you were allergic to chlorine before just a couple of weeks ago but okay..

Wtf? My last comment didn't show! OP what about during your training? Wouldn't you have noticed then?

you aren't always born with allergies. Like I wasn't allergic to grass pollen til I was about 13.

There's no swimming pools in Soviet Russia. :(

I agree with 17 and 22, I don't see how you can go through all sorts of training to be a swim instructor and just figure out your allergic to chlorine.

Xanax_Pazzo 0

haha damn yur life def. sucks.

yeah teach at the beach!!

debiasio69696969 0

FAFP!! I will kill you >.>

Illmatic- I feel your pain bro, I'm allergic to Birch and spring (right now!) is hell for me. Didn't start till I was 12 though... :/ SelfGenocide- Thank you! Btw methinks you're a non-creepy way of course :)

debiasio69696969 0


FMLRevoluSean 0

40 what kind?

I will! I love baking :) Cookies FTW!

debiasio69696969 0

Sean you know my name , asshole!! ]= Chocolate chip obviouslyyy! But I only bake 1/4 of the cookie dough and eat the rest (as cookie dough) And holy shyyt , my pussy is in heat right now and won't shut up @[email protected]

FMLRevoluSean 0

Sounds good. that's why we got rid of our pussy cuz it kept bugging us. Dafp

debiasio69696969 0

She's walking around my dogs like she's hot shit. She has her tail up (cause she's in heat and wants someone to fck her good ..) ;) And my dogs are a Great Dane and a German Shepard. And the German Shepard is pregnant and due anytime , And the Great Dane is the one that knocked her upp =P Never a dull moment in my house

FMLRevoluSean 0

my moms a great Dane. well I dunno about the great part but you know...

debiasio69696969 0

HAHAHA awww that's mean I wish I lived near my mom =P

blindyblonde13 0

#14- did you honestly put your number on the internet?

FMLRevoluSean 0

I was jk my mom is pretty cool. Blondy she didn't put her area code so it's not like it would work I don't think...

debiasio69696969 0

You could look up the area code via where she lives.

FMLRevoluSean 0

How do you know where she lives?

Akasha333 0

yea. alergies can happen at any time. it's an over reaction within your immune system that's why you can stop being alergic to like when kids grow out of them.

Her profile might say

blindyblonde13 0

yeah you could probally check her profile and get where she lives too... either way i just dont think its a good ideaa:/

Perhaps it's a fake number?

blindyblonde13 0

66- thats possible i mean she could be working with the cops and theyre trying to catchh any predators who try to talk to young children haha

I sure hope so or she's the dumbest bitch alive. We'll see how long it takes her to post an fml for creepy calls abd potential stalkings.

67- yeah I never even thought of that! My friend is getting a job when she asks people to buy her alcohol/cigs and if they do, the cops jump out and bust 'em!

debiasio69696969 0

Jess why are you friends with narcs =P

blindyblonde13 0

@68- il be waiting haha annd @70- ive always kinda wanted a job like that i think it would be sooo cool haha except id probally be to much of a chicken to do it haha like what if the person put up a fight and i had to fight 'em?! omg that be the scariest thing EVER! haha.

blindyblonde13 0

@72- whhy arent you is the real question here lmao jk

Blondy- No they have cops there to jump out and save her if necessary. Jenine- She got busted for underage drinking so it's part of her community service.

debiasio69696969 0

Cause I'm no bitch lol

*Gasp!* Jenine are you calling me a bitch?! :"(

FMLRevoluSean 0

Why aren't y'all talkin about undercover cops on the undercover cop fml?

debiasio69696969 0

No way Jess! =P btw can't wait for Monday ;)

Notjustanother1 0

go teach at camp in a lake

blindyblonde13 0

jess- well thats good(: btw my name is amanda 78- ohhh haha alritte then sean- we are?

Haha I wuv you Jenine! Amanda- nice to meet you! :) Sean- psssh because sticking to the topic of the FML is overrated! :) And the undercover cop FML is about cars/age...

Oh! Rofl no that's not my number. I just wanted to see what people would say :)

FMLRevoluSean 0

Whatever anyways Jenine hasn't gave me any cookies yet and I'm gettin hungry.

Thanks for the dumb bitch comment seanders. That's always nice to hear... :(

blindyblonde13 0

sean- well im sorry to hear that:( jess- very pleased to meet chu too ahah!

blindyblonde13 0

sorry 92 haha we were all a little concerned theree tho..

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

70 I want that job :) lol too bad i'm 21 so it's legal to buy both. but still would be fun.

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

82. I kinda forgot the fml cuz I been reading the comments haha

okay genius how did u become the instructor if u were allergic?

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

82 and it's the stupid chlorine allergy fml so no one cares about the op. dafp. f u c k anti flood protection. up the ass. dafp dafp.............................................. dafp.........................

OK EVERYONE, LISTEN UP: You are NOT born with all the allergies you will ever have. YOU CAN SUDDENLY DEVELOP ALLERGIES LATER IN LIFE, sometimes through too much exposure. YOU CAN ALSO GROW OUT OF CHILDHOOD ALLERGIES. Your body changes. That's what it's good at. Tolerance levels change. STOP CALLING FAKE. YOUR REASONING MAKES NO SENSE.

FMLRevoluSean 0

Dammit now your worrying me. What if i become allergic to food!!!?!?


Ohh damn jimmy thats a pretty badass job haha! OP, find a job on the beach or something! Am i crazy? 29 reminds me of an older Justin Bieber .. just a little.

gaza244 0

wats does OP means??

92- read closer please... I said IF it was your real number then you are. But it wasn't so I don't think you are lol. Sorry if you took it that way though, mind you if it was your real # then you woulda been right to take it that way lol.

At 120: OP means original poster or in Lamens terms the guy who posted the FML

so teach in a salt pool insteada chlorine, der

actually the real reason you develop allergies late in life is because of exposure to viruses and bacteria. an allergy is the body's overreaction to something harmless due to proteins called antigens on a molecules surface. Germs have certain antigens that the body recognizes, and it will then react to kill the thing with those antigens. your body will remember harmful antigen patterns too. some harmless substances have similar antigens that your body will wrongfully recognize as being a germ, thus causing an allergy. if you haven't been exposed to a germ with certain antigens yet you won't have an allergic reaction to a thing with similar ones. so once you are exposed, you gain an allergy. man people are idiots, especially yelling-girl. please know what you're talking about. -_-

How didn't you figure out before?

cucuto89 0

just remember #70, snitches get stitches

justin50_fml 0

I agree with axanax

Simplyjulie 0

I used to be also OP. It did suck cuz i love swimming but i couldnt at the time.. i think i still am tho.. not sure :/

Ohh The sarcasm :) But is this even possible? To be allergic to an element I mean. Because if you're allergic to chlorine ions (HCl -> H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) in swimming water I think), you wouldn't be able to eat any salt... (NaCl -> Na+(aq) + Cl-(aq))

Sungod...I thin you just helped me study for my End of Course Exam in science. Wow.

Perhaps she's actually allergic to an additive in the chlorine solution? It would be much easier to just say chlorine than to try to explain the fine print, so to speak.

please see my above comment.

how are you a swimming instructor and not know you're allergic to chlorine?

aha that sucks! yeahh, im a bit allergic 2 it to..

LiveLaughLove18 0

Exactly, to be a teaching instructor I would think you would have been swimming for awhile, but I guess you can develop allergies anytime in life

Tikwichka 5

Allergies are not always present from birth or childhood. They can develop from the environment in adulthood.

SailorSolaris 43

Allergies can develop over time. They're not always something someone is born with.

x805xUnknown 6

Just.. Wow, I call a fake.. You JUST realized this?!?! Makes no sense..

Number 6 is right. There are alternatives. A saltwater pool needs no chlorine. Though I don't suppose that's easy to install.

epoh_fml 0

just as easy, just slightly more expensive. fucking Asian flying penguins . . .

LiveLaughLove18 0

Hahaha #18 (:

Unless this is a new job, wouldn't you already have noticed?

banna2286 0

hahhaa there goes your job

lovinit5683 0

Wow, this isn't even so bad,, deal with it while trying to get a new job,, then once you get a new job you don't have to do it anymore,, seriously if you didn't figure that out on you own,, then I feel really bad for you.

Can't you get allergy shots or something? I know you can for cats, maybe it's different. Fyl :(

That wouldn't help 118 as far as I know there's chlorine in that water too. Unless I am wrong then sorry for that

Drakanaa 0

Work at Borders or the public library: No chlorine since you're around books! Guaranteed!