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Today, I met some guys from my dad's workplace. They told him what a pretty daughter he had, to which he responded, "Nah, it's just shit-loads of makeup." FML
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Make a **** video of you with all the guys from his work. And during the video, look at the camera and say "look dad, no makeup!" He'll get the message.

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well her dad thinks so, so much so its a mask of beauty. I wonder what lies underneath it lol

Maybe she barely wears any and the father simply doesn't approve of those guys as dating prospects for his daughter. Saying she wears a lot of makeup is a far better deterrent than simply saying they can't have her. Smart dad. I might steal this line.

#46, this is exactly what I was thinking. I work with a bunch of guys that I wouldn't let near either of my daughters. I may steal the line also. haha

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Unless the girl is under 18 what right do you have to say who she dates. I hate when brothers/dads think they have a right to make the girl seem unnattractive just because they can't stand girls having sexuality. If we want to ****/screw/date someone we will, you can't stop us. So instead of saying "I am going to steal that line" and use it at the expense of your daughter's confidence then don't wonder why so many girls like assholes. It starts in the home.

64 is correct, if a little extreme in delivery. 46 and 58, you both will hurt your daughters' confidence, and make her date someone even worse than you. If you are in such a low level job that you work with kids fresh enough from college for your daughter to be attracted to them, then your daughters need a new dad, who is of high enough character to not be threatened by his little girl growing up. Also, if my father said that to me I would rip him a new asshole for being a hypocrite and trying to talk me down. They said she was pretty. PRETTY! That's flattering, and not a come on. Polite flattery teachs young women respectful comments from disgusting come-ons made by disrespectful young men, who don't deserve to be in her bed. OP, makeup is there to make natural beauty more pronounced, so a bit of eyeliner and mascara, with some blush is completely acceptable. Also, foundation is not the spawn of satan, as someone was implying but only use the high quality kind that matchs you perfectly. I like tinted moisturizer better, though.

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But it is also important for a mating ritual. You wear make up to look good in wedding pictures because the light bounces off and makes you look bad. It has its use. Who are you to say who can wear what and how they should choose to look. Women have issues put upon us by media, but that does not mean someone can't wear makeup without being perfectly fine with how they look without it.

Yeah #46 is right.. Double-standards is uncool.. ----- But, OP.. Why all the make up? Are you a clown or a mime?

ha ha your dads friends think your fake face is pretty.

Hahah you stupid feminist, dafuq is wrong with you? If MY friends wanted to date my daughter ( lets say me and my friends are around 40 and my daughter 18) I would ******* freak out. I WOULD MEVER EVER let my daughter to date someone 20 years older than her, especially if it's MY friends. I wouldn't mind her dating others or having sex, but not with my friends. that's the point where I AM GOING TO ******* CARE who the **** my daughter dates or hooks up with. Now I'm sure that's exactly what he meant, and I demand you to stop whining about that we think we can control you women. EDIT: sorry, missed that this was from 09...

OP said "guys from my dad's work", not "daddy's friends". Those guys from work could have easily been 18-20 years old. Chances are those 'guys from dad's work' were trying to be nice and pay her a compliment in front of the old man.

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Thats gross a bunch of Pervs want you. Really i dont care if their 50 or 20 or 18 that is gross to say to the man's Daughter. FYL for Pervs saying that and YDI you probably wear too much makeup, if not why would your dad say that you do? Too much Makeup (to me) is repulsive I dont mind if a girl wears Lip Gloss and Eyeliner or minor things like that but I bet you were going all Shaggy 2 Dope on them.(look him up he's an Underground rapper who wears face paint and he calls it makeup)

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Stormmetal I want to reach through the computer and slap you. You sound ignorant. First of all if the Op is not offended then you have no right to say they are perverts. Of course they would compliment the daughter, if they are trying to kiss up to the boss. Or they might honestly think she is pretty. The only one at fault is the father. Even if his daughter dressed like a hooker he has no right to shame her like that in front of other people. Grow the **** up.

all they said was "your daughters pretty" why is that bad

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Still, how rude of your dad even if you do wear a lot of make-up.

Well is it true? Do you wear a lot of make-up? If so, YDI.

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Please forgive me. I am the first person on FML to ever say the same exact thing as another user. Oh the shame.

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well send a pic, then I'll rate whether or not if your father is a crazy idiot. But for now, I'll conclude that you need to lose the eyeliner...

haha sorry i'm sure you're very pretty but that is a brilliant answer.

I prefer women who can look hot without makeup, or at least just using eye liner. (let's face it, eyes bring out a ladies could a nice dress ^_- )

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Yeah I don't get why girls wear a shit ton of make-up in like neon color. It doesnt make you look good. Also, people at my school wear foundation that does NOT match their skin color. They look so fake. Eyeliner is all I wear and it works. Not even that inch thick crap all over my eye but just a thin line. I don't get why people need much more than that...

I wear neon makeup when I play "dress-up ridiculously and take pictures of ourselves doing ordinary things" with my friend.

Yeah my thoughts exactly. I didn't wear ANY makeup till I was 16 and even then not consistently. I'm 18 now and even though I work I don't wear makeup every day. Mostly it's 'cuz I don't have the time, but go with the reason that I get comments from people very frequently that I'm pretty or that I have beautiful eyes, and that's without any makeup... So yeah, I think that layers upon layers of makeup should be reserved for hookers, or girls who wanna look like one...

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I don't wear make up a lot, unless I have bad acne days on dates. I also burn so I love that shimmer face mosturizer with a little color to pick me up and sunblock in it. That makes me feel pretty lol. But yeah, a lot of make up is not needed unless you are going to get your picture taken or go on television/stage. Its bad for you. But I don't think, even if Op does wear a lot of make up, her father has the right to do that to her in front of cute (?) guys.