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Today, my school's theatre decided to produce Les Misérables. I got the part of Éponine. My boyfriend, being a talented performer, could have gotten any part he wanted. However, he only wanted to play the soldier responsible for killing Éponine. FML
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I think he's trying to tell you something...

Les not be so Misérable about it. Maybe he thought it would be funny.


I think he's trying to tell you something...

That he wants to be with you till your dying breath.

Epic foreshadowing...

Eponine kicks ass.

Spoiler alert, dude...

knoxxx 22

65 - you can't spoil a story that is classic. That's like saying that Scrooge foreseeing Tiny Tim's death in A Christmas Carol is a spoiler, or that Jack dying in the Titanic is a spoiler. Seriously though, Les Mis is 150 years old.

It's I've if those "no one can kill you but me" situations

At least he didn't want to be Marius xD

Maybe he is not trying to tell her anything. Maybe he just wanted to play that role. Think positive OP

I've never seen it... I don't care how old it is, it doesn't change the fact that there's always going to be a first time you read/see something.

94- by that logic nobody can talk about any book 'cause someone near them might not have read it. It's a really old and classic story. A lot of people know the story line, so its not really a spoiler.

Because he wants to bang her.

Yeah, pretty sure once something has been out for 150 years, whining about spoilers makes you look like an idiot. That's like going to see Titanic and being surprised that the boat sinks. Or watching The Tudors and being surprised that Anne Boleyn loses her head. Or seeing Romeo and Juliet and being surprised that they both die at the end. It's one thing if it's a TV show that's been out for a week, but the book has been around for a century and a half, and the musical for over 30 years. Spoilers? Seriously?

doctor__who 19

Hey, maybe the Marius is hot and you can dump your ass of a boyfriend and date him.

Well someone has to do it.

Ya! And besides soldier #2 is one of the most respected roles within the theatrical realm! You should fully support his false killing of you, in fact you should shout out just as you fall to the floor "I am slain! If only that magnificently talented soldier #2 had not been there!"

Your name makes me sad, #2. :(

84, me too. They're a fantastic band, and I currently possess one of Chris Martin's picks!

Actually in most productions of Les Mis, no, someone does not. She is usually shot from offstage

Maybe it's a hint...

Yes, he wants to fly to pluto on pegasus woth op, while eating chocolate covered bacon... All while the Nyan Cat is singing a love song.. That's totally what he's hinting at!

#27 That does sound wonderful, though Pluto is a little nippy this time of year I think...

That's just a cover to keep muggles away..

Hmm, good cover! Tricked me, guess it works then O.o

#27 - did you say anything after bacon?

Chocolate coveted bacon is sort of amazing.

Les not be so Misérable about it. Maybe he thought it would be funny.

TheManager 6

Exactly. Just Cosette he wanted the part doesn't mean he dreamed a dream of killing her. I'm gonna jump Jean on here and say that there's no need for a Confrontation about all this.

godhelpusall111 12

Get out.

I agree with #6 maybe he is trying to be funny.

slimjim8094 12

It seems like a little fall of rain can hurt her now...

Maybe he considers pretend killing you spending quality time together?

hryffff 11

Well....maybe he just wanted a part were you two are together in a way?

I think he should have gone for Marius then...

Andr913 13

Or Thernadier. ...that would actually be pretty creepy, nevermind.

Uh oh, that sounds like a relationship 'killer'

victorsaurus 4

Or a "killer" relationship.

I'll say!

SystemofaBlink41 27

I would kill for a relationship like that...

I would kill for a relationship....

well then....

WhitePrettyKitty 10

Maybe it is just because he couldn't stand to see anyone else do it, OP. No? Okay, maybe you should run.

Zut, alors! He just wanted to give a very life-mike performance to the audience to show his theatrical prowess, theez ees wvat ai-euh fink.

life-like* Screw you, fingers.

"*Zut alors, I have missed one!" that *word-- makes me think of the song "Les Poissons" from The Little Mermaid. (: