By alice - 14/02/2011 01:18 - United Kingdom

Today, on the bus, water kept dripping on my head so I stood up to move. As I got up, the bus turned round a corner and I fell over into a man's lap. When I tried to get up, I slipped down between his legs. FML
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look on the bright side, at least your getting some action ! :)

sammy92 0

it's sad that she has to "trip" in order to get any action. poor girl :(

linhnguyen 0

that hot and i want so action from u girl

you shouldn't make such specific excuses, no one will believe you.

WallyTheWombat 0

If this happened to me on a woman's lap, I'd probably be slapped and called a perv. Ah, the good old double standard. Good thing I don't take the bus.

Sure you slipped. Oldest trick in the book.

atomicJ 0

oh no I tripped! why you bullshittting!!!

LiliK_fml 21

To be fair, it doesn't surprise me that she did because bus drivers in England aren't exactly the best.

whitedemon_fml 0

whoops just happens to land on this spot but while I'm here might as well ;D lmao

lol it ok op I "slip" all the time!! hahaha jk

OrangeKnife 10

You also "blow" by accident too right?

so that's how i got my first bj lol no joke. (not in a public bus tho)