By grossgross - 26/09/2009 18:21 - United States

Today, the subway was extremely crowded and I ended up with my butt in a man's crotch. I kept trying to inch away or turn a different way, but there was no room. He could have turned to face the doors, but didn't. He got an erection. I was on there with him for 20 minutes. FML
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bekahshae 0

After you got off, you should have said, "Now that'll be twenty dollars."

YAY for creepy boners


Oh god that sucks

That's kinda hott, haha!!! x

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this isn't a fml

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beaver27 0

i bet u liked it....a lot you probly woulda gotten a boner too

Try turn and face him haha

nikktherocker 0

This is actually a repost of an old FML, except the erection was in her back. Just about word for word.

why do you know that? How often do you read this website?

#136 - So, in the thousands and thousand and thousands of 10 - 20 word FMLs on here, two similar situations happened to have very close wording? Nawww, impossible. Couldn't have been a coincidence. You're right, clearly they were just copying an old FML and changing the words. I mean, when has FML had two similar experiences with close wording before? Go back and count for me.

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ur fuken hilarious seriously crakin up

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rogue_plague WINs so fucking hard.

Best comment EVER.

atleast someones day started off well ;)


megastarcitygirl 4


shoulda gave him a lap dance

No, you should have gotten off the train. Or at least pretend to get off. What's better? 20 mins of boner by stranger or 2 mins to wait for the next train? YTDI.

Depends on which train it was. It might be 20 minutes for the next train.

92 I think he was the one "getting off"

#154; WIN!!!

YAY for creepy boners

trakus 0

My worst nightmare. Im sorry man.

You actually imagine landing a guy's crotch or being in such situations? Also, he's a she.

Really, your WORST nightmare involves a random erection on the subway. You must have an interesting life.

bekahshae 0

After you got off, you should have said, "Now that'll be twenty dollars."

JohnnyAppleseed 0

You got off or he got off?

You should have violently spun around, causing his dick to snap :D

HAah! Num7 is the best comment! AHAAAAA

no0000ob 0

lol!!!! smiley face killd it!!!!!!1

T9FTW 20


Woo that sucks. You should have stomped on his toes until either the boner went away or he did.

As OP said, there was no room. And what makes you think that stomping on anyone's foot is okay. Its not like you can control a boner easily

oogyboogy 6

wow does it have enought periods in it

You should have turned around and been like, "i would have been turned on my that but my pinky finger is bigger"