By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 04:53 - United States

Today, while sitting on the bus a stranger sat next to me, farted, put his hand under his butt to smell what it was like, and then sniffed it throughout the whole ride while glancing at me. FML
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Doesn't look like the bus will be running out of gas any time soon.

And he didn't offer you a sniff? How rude!


At least he didn't try to make you smell it. o.O

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ahh the good ol cupcake never fails to make people feel awkward

I wish something like that would happen to me.

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It's hard to imagine that people like that are actually walking around the streets and taking up our valuable bus space.

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Was he nice and offer you a sniff?

not a sniff he offered a toke, and kicked her ass when she let go of the gas

Did he want you to smell it too? Maybe it was yummy.

Doesn't look like the bus will be running out of gas any time soon.

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"I wish I had some more of that bean burrito" is probably what was going through his mind.

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wooho score one for public transportation

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Mmmmm yummy I'd lick his hand

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I really doubt someone would do that.

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everyone loves their own stank.

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How do you know?? Oh, I get it! you know because while sitting next to OP you only smelled your hand twice and not the "whole ride" ?? So OP exaggerated a little, it was still really traumatizing and shame on you. :P

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