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  dcam13  |  19

that happened to me once... but i remembered that water evaporates so i got over it instead of trying to make a bunch of people online feel sorry for me for being so pathetic. hmmmm ydi.
ps - weird thing about water, it evaporates off books too:) just use a blowdryer...

  at1325  |  0

somehow I think you miss the point of this site. people visit this site because they either want to vent about the shitty things that happen in their lives or they want to read about the shitty things that happen in other people's lives. I feel sorry for you because you must be going through shitty times to make you such an asshole.

  zimandme123  |  0

yes... yes you are a whore. but for now why don't you put on a shirt and pants and go set something for a change... like a hamburger.....yeeah that should do it....:)

  Sprocket  |  5

95 is just jealous because her face looks like a veggie burger. No guy (or girl) is going to want it, save the rare catch she'll never find with her personality.

  Riddles66  |  0

Agreed, I don't wanna sound dorky but with out some plants our air wouldn't be breathable and OP wouldn't have had the book they were reading, the book will dry