By Nelson - 09/05/2011 15:05 - Sweden

Today, I was sitting on my balcony reading a book. My upstairs neighbors thought that would be a good time to water their flowers. I'm now drenched in water, as is my book. FML
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They got water on your book. I suggest murder.


Even if it were OP's own book, it would still suck big time, since he/she would have spent money on it either way.

if only my girl got wet everytime she read a book...

that happened to me once... but i remembered that water evaporates so i got over it instead of trying to make a bunch of people online feel sorry for me for being so pathetic. hmmmm ydi. ps - weird thing about water, it evaporates off books too:) just use a blowdryer...

somehow I think you miss the point of this site. people visit this site because they either want to vent about the shitty things that happen in their lives or they want to read about the shitty things that happen in other people's lives. I feel sorry for you because you must be going through shitty times to make you such an asshole.

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omg this comment is too funny...! ctfu...!

hey 34, did you realize that you're on FML?!? Do you understand what the point of FML is? Wow you must be a compete douche-bag AND ******* retarded.

FML is a website that locates war criminals and from the sound of 34 we found another one.

This sounds like a shitty situ.... oh, uh, never mind. For once I guess this is not a valid response...

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u say u got drenched in water? last time i checked ppl dont poor buckets of water on there flowers. when u felt some water u shld have just moved...

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Wow that's just funny! omg I would laugh so hard if I were your neighbor XD

yes... yes you are a *****. but for now why don't you put on a shirt and pants and go set something for a change... like a hamburger.....yeeah that should do it....:)

95 - Did she ask your opinion of her picture? I don't think so. Don't be rude, grow up a bit and keep your snobbish opinions to yourself. Thanks:)

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95 is just jealous because her face looks like a veggie burger. No guy (or girl) is going to want it, save the rare catch she'll never find with her personality.

That's not very nice. You're just stooping to her level talking about her picture.

dang 106 you're doin justice on these picture haters

I am. I hate when people comment on other's pictures and have nothing nice to say. They don't deserve to be bullied.

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could have been an iPad they were reading on. now that would suck

Do you have to pay a fine? sucks for you then.

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Tell them to water their flowers with Kool aid next time

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I find it hard to see how that would be better. But to each his own.

iAmScrubs 19

I should have been clearer. I meant that Kool aid would at least taste good

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Couldn't have said it better 53. Mind-reader -__-

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Yes, it was a joke. The reason I commented this is because of the Kool aid commercials where similar things happen.

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Yea kool aid is smart ruin the book and ur clothes

kool aid has electrolytes, plants crave electrolytes! ----idiocracy connection

They got water on your book. I suggest murder.

pahaha! ^This guy has the right idea. ;p

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Hopefully it will dry quickly OP

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Hopefully you yelled at them while they were watering their flowers.

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be happy it wasn't a laptop or a kindle ......

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it's not their fault. but fyl

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Agreed, I don't wanna sound dorky but with out some plants our air wouldn't be breathable and OP wouldn't have had the book they were reading, the book will dry