By Justme - United States - Missoula
Today, while I was riding the bus to work, I noticed the guy sitting across from me had shorts on. He also had no underwear on and I could fully see his "parts" just hanging there. I decided to switch seats but as I stood up to move, the bus jerked. I fell face forward right into his "parts". FML
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By  Popeye2341  |  13

"Today, while on the bus, i sat across an attractive lady who kept eying me down, she got up to talk to me and fell face first into my crotch. I forgot to wear underwear this morning. FML"

By  mssileas  |  25

In this case, you gotta say calmy but loudly enough for others to hear: 'Excuse me sir, your sack is hanging out of your shorts, might wanna fix that.' Maybe he'll think about underwear the next time he's on public transport.