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By AmatureLitCritic - 14/05/2012 07:37 - United States - Portland

Today, I found out that a family member found a publisher for his book; his badly written, terribly sourced, historically inaccurate book that insults and misrepresents most world cultures and religions. If this actually makes it to print, I'll never be able to use my maiden name again. FML
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Faster than the speed of love by Brian Griffin


A badly-written book is the only (book related) thing worse than book burning.

American revolution: how the Chinese helped fend of London from the Japanese space pirates (who are also Buddhists) ...based on a true story

A new twilight book?! Oh god.. Why Comment already used.. DERP.. Alan, Siri? Can I get this comment deleted?^^"

Faster than the speed of love by Brian Griffin

41- You could've just thumbed it up if you liked it.

81- she's new, cut her a bit of slack! :P But in all honesty, OP- there has been a rampant publishing of books with false information due to the fact that people are getting their information from the wiki website.

Now I reeeaally want to read it. If only OP put her full name as her username.

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81- you couldve just thumbed her down if you didnt like it.

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12-If i saw a book with that title i would buy it in a heartbeat,hell I would buy 10,000 copies and throw them off the rooftops to the masses bellow screaming "Educate yourselves fools FOR WE SHALL NOT FALL TO THE JAPANESE SPACE PIRATES LIKE LONDON DID!"

Inheritance 10

Need Fahrenheit 451 here! Burn all books!

93 - If you agree with your picture, the sun doesn't burn because of oxygen, actually, nothing burns, but it is the energy given off by hydrogen combining with hydrogen to make helium. Also, I'm Christian and I don't know where you got that argument from.

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109 - If you look reeeeaaalll closely you can see its a demotivational poster and should not be taken seriously...

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109 Wow OP youre the first christian Ive ever seen who hasnt Yelled "CONVERT THE NON BELIEVER!!" then try to burn me when someone tried to explain anything science related to them.

^ I'm a very religious Muslim and I don't run around and try to get atheists to become religious. As long as they respect my views I'll respect theirs. :) One of my best friends is an atheist and I'm okay with that.

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114 well thats great there should be more religious people like you. Youre doing gods work (no pun intended)

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It's called "American Perspective".

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Try checking out stuff from Chick Publications .

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I would like to know the name

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What is written by Bill O'Reilly?

I venture that O'Rielly is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He is a master debater, but still a prick.

79- most recently "Killing Lincoln" and soon to be released "Killing Kennedy" but he has also written such books as: "Culture Warrior", "Kids are Americans too", "The Oreilly Factor" etcetera.

I agree that he's smarter than people give him credit for but he has lowered the bar considerably. Also, I do not agree that he's a master debater. Masters of debate don't generally have to cut people's mics to make their points. Now, if you'd said he's a masturbator...

79, no. It was written by Eric Cartman

What?? No, twilight is like, you know, the best books eva!! Vampires are real life!! Like, OMG!

ferrousWheel 6

Like, OMG is right. I don't think I've ever gotten a headache so fast from reading a comment before. And yes, I got that you were joking (at least, I'm hoping you are).

Omg are you team Edward or team Jacob?! Like, I love that Edward SPARKLE but Jacob turns into a wolf, omg so hard to choose 0_0 (I hope people understand what sarcasm is).

lyskiss 10

I hope you understand that sarcasm is meant to be funny...

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What was it about? This is eating away at me.

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Is OP the publisher or the authour IM CONFUSED!!!!!

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It's not the name that's eating you. It's the zombie on your back.

37- Neither. OP is the relative of the author.

I do wonder what publisher would be interested in something like that. I don't think you need to worry too much, it can't be a very good one.

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There are, seriously, hundreds of books like this out already in the US. Another one isn't going to change much of anything.

If it is a non-fiction book editors are very careful when publishing. They don't just check spelling and grammar, editors check all the facts and sources. It won't be published.

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It could be self or vanity publishing, which means that it will only be bought by friends and family. If it's something like that, I doubt you have anything to worry about.

I'd like to know the name of, for lack better term. I would also like to write a novel. It'd be called "How idiots like Stephenie Meyer become New York Times Best Sellers". This book would be a prefect source.

A novel? And Stephenie Meyer is actually a decent writer. The Host was much better written than the Twilight Series. If you're going to bash on any author, it should be on the YA authors that began to get their lame vampire books published after she did.

Actually Meyer isn't a decent writer at all. She constantly rapes her thesaurus, actually manages to use the wrong synonyms for the words she needs and uses the same words/sentences over and over again (I remember this one page where NEARLY EVERY sentence started with "I said"). She can't describe situations and thus avoids doing so (for example: she let's Bella say that gym sucked and that a ball hit her head or some shit. SHOW, DON'T TELL), and so on and so on. And yes, I read the first Twilight book to see what all the fuss was about. FML.

The Host was actually a really great story. Stephanie Meyer is just very poor with some of her structuring and explanations.

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Most people who hate on twilight have neither read it or seen the movie. They just base their opinion off of the movie's fanbase. I'm not saying it's the greatest book ever, but at least read something before criticizing it. This whole 'I'm a grown man who doesn't like a book aimed at teenage girls' thing is getting old. Who cares?

Hey 46 I'm a teenage girl and I hate Twilight and I read it when I was innocent enough to think it could be a good book and was forced to watch the movie both suck out loud and should be destroyed.

46 - wrong! Most people who dislike Twilight dislike it because they have read/seen it and formed an opinion from there. And the fact that it's written for teenage girls doesn't change the fact that it's terribly written, and casts emotional abuse in a positive light.

jasmine1259 2

You can dislike a book without constantly pointing it out, criticizing the author, and making fun of the actors in the movie version. There are plenty of worse books out there. They just don't get shit because they are not as popular. People who constantly express their hate for twilight are worse than the crazy fans who actually like it.

RaquelW 7

most people don't hate Twilight just because it's stupid and badly written. like previously mentioned, it glorifies abuse and subservience while simultaniously ******** on cultures the author knows nothing about.

The only reason I read Twilight was to screen it for my little sister. I found out later she had already read it, and lied to me. I confronted my mom, because quite honestly that book has so much in it that children shouldn't read. Why is Edward such a whiny git? It doesn't show any examples of how a relationship would be, or should be. It doesn't show friendship, proper problem solving in situation. All the Twilight books manage to do is create a mess of bad situations and even worse decisions. But it's AIMED at younger readers! I'd rather her read some Roberts romance novels.

I read the Twilight books two years ago. They honestly weren't horrible, but they also weren't very good. I only form opinions after getting all of the facts.

38 - I just said that the Host was much better written than the Twilight series, and you're still basing your opinion off of her first Twilight book? The Twilight series were ****** up, in my opinion, because it was like her own sexual fantasy sort of thing that she got published. And like the other things that were said; it glorified abuse and whatnot. But her writing in the Host was much better and the plot was more original as well.

But a century-old vampire lovin' on a 17-year-old isn't creepy! ;)

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46-I actually read all the twilight books, and well, they made me hate the human race just that much more. Then i watched the movie and...*sigh* WHY GOD, WHY!!!!