By to_complicated_4_u - 04/05/2015 16:28 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I got screamed at to the point of tears by a Starbucks employee for "giving an obviously fake name" to confuse one of the employees. I told her my real name. My name is Ian. FML
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something tells me the Starbucks employee just can't read but i might be wrong

Don't worry, they won't get far in life by insulting others.


Don't worry, they won't get far in life by insulting others.

Exactly! They should stop b-Ian jerks!

They also won't get very far in life if they think "Ian" is a fake name.

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Starbucks taste freaking awesome.

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Oh you done ****** up now, ee-ahn.

something tells me the Starbucks employee just can't read but i might be wrong

That's why they have ridiculous names for drink sizes. Gotta bring everybody down to the same confused playing field.

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Starbucks employees also can't ever spell; they probably wrote "E-anne" on the cup.

My name is Megan and I told them, " my name is Megan without an 'h'" they wrote my name Meagan

My name is Dorian. I'm glad there isn't Starbucks where I live.

give them your ID and ask what they think of you now

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My fake ID would be Ian Mcluvin, totally believable.

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How the **** do people get confused with Ian?

I can think of a lot of ways to spell it. Still would never think it was a fake name though.

They get mad at customers using fake names? I always give a fake name because I get blank stares when I tell them my real one. It's more convenient for everyone to use simple fake names. That employee overreacted terribly. Complain.

I thought I was the only one who did that! But the people at Starbucks eventually confronted me about it so I stopped. I always switched off between Jennifer, Kayla, Elizabeth, and Emma :/

The day an employee confronts me about using a fake name for coffee will be the day I stop going to that shop. I use a fake name that is similar to my real one, but it's really none of their business what I want to be called. That is straight harassment. If I want to be called Billy-Joe, than by God that's my choice.

I thought for sure you told them your name was welshite .... Matter of fact I might go to Starbucks simply because I wanna use your alias , because lord knows their coffee is mediocre at best.

The trick is to not pause before you say your name. Forgetting your name is a real give away

I am very curious as to your real names now, if you feel the need to use a more common one to avoid blank stares.

One of my friends is named Zvejzdan, so he also goes by a fake name whenever her goes to Starbucks. The best part? His brother's name is Daniel.

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hell yeah, you stand up for your rights, welshite!

I don't work at star bucks but I do work at a coffee shop so when I have 40 dockets lined up all with similar names, I actually ask them to give me a fake name, it's a lot easier to ensure that both Sam's get the correct coffee when I can call one of those Sam's "Bat Man"

It's the fun part to use fake names. It's not coffee but my brother(whose name is actually Ian) and I made an employees day by going in(separately I was asleep until he told me about his) and donated money to get a clover and put Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort on them. Unless it's a name they can't pronounce they don't really have a right to complain.

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I like to switch off between the names for my multiple personalities

I like the name Jyorskvelsung. Its fun seeing them try to spell/say the name.

Does giving the name "That Guy" work?

I did work at Starbucks for a bit and we all usually had a lot of fun when people gave us obviously fake names. I had one guy give me the name Spartacus. A girl I worked with had a girl give "Primrose Everdeen" and when the name was called (in an official voice), the girl stepped forward and said "I volunteer!" Can make an otherwise boring day so much fun!

My name is Russ and everyone thinks it's Bryce so I start with that.

Last I checked the customer is always right. Ask for the manager op.

My husband was always called by his middle name Cole. But Starbucks always confuses it and puts Paul or crazy other names now he uses his first name Ryan which usually ends up being Brian at least it's closer...


@127, I might go to Starbucks just for that.

whoever yelled at op should get fired for that.

That is awful of them. It sounds like they were trying to stick up for a co-worker, there might have been cases of people genuinely being horrible to the employees but we just don't know. But yeah screaming at someone like that is ridiculous and that employee should be disciplined/spoken to, at least so the person can understand where they are coming from or what is happening to make them so upset. And OP should be compensated.

Just submit a complaint OP. Make sure you have the receipt. Starbucks takes this kind of things seriously. Or at least they claim so. Either way, you get a free drink. I gotta admit though, it's not worth the crying. Maybe you will get many free drinks? Sorry OP

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That sucks! You should write a yelp review on them or something!

Better plan: take the lid of the cup, look down at it, and say "this isn't what I ordered!" when they come close throw the coffee in their face and leave.

Mmm permanently disfiguring someone with boiling hot coffee probably isn't what a person should do here...

Ah, nothing makes FML more than the suggestions of disproportionate violence and antisocial behaviors against the annoying people in our lives.

Should've taken out your ID Yu-gi-oh style and wait for a reaction

OP should have played his photo ID in defense mode?

I hope you got the manager involved. Even if they were having a bad day, it's no reason to scream at someone.