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Today, I had to spend a long bus ride with my chest pressed against the window, because some mammoth of a woman decided to squeeze her double wide ass into my seat. FML
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as a fat girl... STOP SAYING PEOPLE CANT HELP BEING OBESE. there's such a small amount of obese people who are in the situation solely for other health reasons. 99% of the time it's pure laziness (which I admit to on my part).

Considering the fact that OP had her/his chest pressed up against the window, I'd say there's a fat chance of just "getting out".


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griffinultra 15

He was pushed against the window.

Considering the fact that OP had her/his chest pressed up against the window, I'd say there's a fat chance of just "getting out".

OP's wording sounds like he was in the seat first. So, why should he move for her? It was the woman's fault for trying to squeeze into a seat that she couldn't fit into.

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bearbear120 27

I agree that it was rude sounding but at the same time even if her weight isn't her fault it does not give her the right to push OP up against a window. If she couldn't stand for a long time she could have asked OP to give up the seat for her.

OP only made a comment about the woman's size to describe how big she was. and even if it was rude, I think it was rude of the woman to completely disregard OP's personal space and just decided it was okay to take up somebody else's seat.

as a fat girl... STOP SAYING PEOPLE CANT HELP BEING OBESE. there's such a small amount of obese people who are in the situation solely for other health reasons. 99% of the time it's pure laziness (which I admit to on my part).

Agreed, I am really sick of hearing people use this excuse to justify all obesity. Of course I understand that there are some medical cases though

Actually, being someone with hypothyroidism myself, I can assure you that with proper & responsible use of medication accompanied by a heathy diet, there is no reason for a hypoT patient to be obese. A tad overweight, maybe. But not obese.

kingdomgirl94 29

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JustinJK 21

One of my friends had to have her thyroid removed due to tumors. She has issues with staying in shape, but she eats so healthy and is constantly active. She plays and teaches soccer. She also works part time at a ropes course on top of her job and going to college. She one of those most fit people I know. Stop making excuses.

Says that vegetables and other healthy food can be too expensive for some people Tells people who don't like public transport to just get a car Logic.

kingdomgirl94 29

First of all, if you're going to be intolerant of other people, you deserve no sympathy. If OP can't afford a car, then they put up with what they have to. When you're that broke, being uncomfortable on the bus is one of the last things on your mind. The point of the "get a car" statement was to mirror the "just eat healthier" argument, which is a very common one. If people think fat people should "just eat healthier" then OP should "just get a car".

Op never even called the lady fat. She could've been a very large masculine lady. That doesn't mean that she's fat. People need to stop putting words into Ops mouth.

You seem extremely accepting of the discomfort this persons obesity is forcing on others. "It's a fact of life, deal with it" is hardly a valid argument. We all pay for the same seat space. If you can't fit into it, either pay for 2 seats or find a different method of transportation.

@29 I find it to be a positive thing to be intolerant of something that has negative effects on others. I have no sympathy for those who are so selfish and self-centered that they have no consideration for others. This is not a simple case of being a bit on the heavy side. Being so morbidly obese as to occupy multiple seats either results in someone like OP getting squished, or people having to stand because one corpulent individual took up an entire row with their plus-sized buttocks. The woman in the FML doesn't deserve to be shamed or insulted, no-- but she is entirely at fault and 100% responsible for her careless diet. However slow your metabolism is, however poor you are, whether you have hypothyroidism or not, there is no excuse to be so morbidly obese that you needlessly inconvenience others. My father and sister both have hypothyroidism, but through exercise, medication, portion control, etc., they have very reasonable weights and healthy bodyfat percentages. Anyone that took junior high science courses should be aware of the Law of Conservation of mass... you can't eat a pound of food and gain 5 pounds of fat, it's an impossibility. People just need to be aware of how many calories their body needs, and not exceed that number too greatly in their diet.

I would also like to add that most people with disabilities can lose excess weight with a proper diet and exercise. Not all, but most. The majority of people today claim they have a "health issue" causing their obesity, but only a small portion of people truly have a health condition.

kingdomgirl94 29

For those of you saying she should pay for another seat, public transit doesn't make you pay per seat, hence the reason you're not guaranteed a seat or how people can take up more than one seat, either from weight like in this fml or for things like groceries.

Anecdotal evidence doesn't really help when people's metabolisms are vastly different, you really can't make the assumption that your friend's and family's experiences with certain illnesses are exactly the same as other people's. Also this is all entirely discounting the fact that mental health problems often have a part in it too.

I have hypothyroidism and a slow metabolism, I eat healthy and workout so I am a normal weight so there's really no excuse

For the most part, there is little excuse, which is okay because it's their body and they can do what they want, but just because your experience with an illness didn't cause obesity doesn't mean that that's what causes it. Most people I know who are obese to the point of it being a small burden gained the weighty due to a crippling injury. Overall though, unless a fat person does what the woman in the fml did, who cares? It's their health and image, not yours.

Medical conditions don't turn you into an obese hog. Yes, there are some that will make you a bit heavier, but being 80, 100, 150lbs overweight is a decision; a decision that doesn't just impact you.

My uncle is partially paralyze in half of his body, has seizures, and has medical conditions with his feet that's required several surgeries. Yes, he should exercise more than he does, but there's really not much he can do. Just an example. Yes, some people just use an excuse, but there are some people who have a hard time just moving around, so exercise isn't so easy.

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It's not always neglectful. However, you sound always ignorant.

Umm. Not all fat people are fat by choice you know...

In most cases people are obese due to being negligent, (lack of exercise, overeating, alcohol) but there are also those few cases of genes being passed on but even then that percentage is small.

Obesity can be due to a 'neglectful lifestyle' but occasionally it can be due to medical reasons or reasons outside of said people's reach, to categorize all overweight people as neglectful is demeaning however.

This is partially true, but even if you have genes for obesity a proper and healthy lifestyle management plan can cut down on your overall size/weight significantly. Ultimately if you're physically large enough to take up 2 seats on a bus, it's your fault.

Some peoples genes will make them more susceptible to obesity but some people "obesity genes" are 4 bags of Cheetos a day

CrassKal 27

Glad to know that I'm overweight because I refuse to do anything about it. Not because genetics or juvenile arthritis limiting my exercise options.

Obese and overweight are different. Also, you don't need excercise to be at a healthy weight, you just need to eat properly. Excercise is important, but you aren't going to end up obese because you don't excercise if you eat properly.

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It really depends, because sometimes the bus is so crowded that the only seats are next to other people. If no one's willing to give up their seat, and she's unable or unwilling to stand for long periods of time, someone's going to end up with her. OP just drew the short straw.

Not if there wasn't one. The seats are double seats if this woman was as big as op says she needed a whole one to herself and someone should have moved to make way.

Because the woman obviously has indicators of poor health? Obesity can be a symptom of a multitude of illnesses, from arthritis to depression to hypothyroidism - she might be unable to stand for very long. There is no indication that the OP *needs* to sit down at all. Assuming the worse and throwing horrible insults at her - especially when you really have no idea what her weight gain was caused by - is really gross and prejudiced.

51, this is coming from a fat person, but it's not OPs responsibility to deal with her probably preventable condition. The bus is the no mans land of the world, she got on the bus fully aware of the risks of a full bus and continued.

Maybe you could've politely asked her to move over or out of the way so you can get comfortable.

ourtneyc 14

while I don't think it's ok to rag on her for her weight I do believe that that was very rude of her! did she not see that you obviously had no room? its so inconsiderate on her part

Probably no other empty seats; im sure she would have sat in 2 empty seats if it was available; and probably cannot stand without tiring easily from what i interpret her size is from this fml

why didn't you tell her to get up? if she has no regard for how you have to sit than you should have no regard for her. not saying be cruel but def could have told her to move or stand or something

kingdomgirl94 29

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kingdomgirl94 29

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#22 the woman was totally inconsiderate. op was pushed against the window. op had every right to get mad at her.

Yet that woman paid for a seat too. If op wanted to demand she give up the seat she paid for they should have offered to reimburse the woman for the seat. Im not excusing the woman as she could have offered to take the inside seat letting the op have the more spacious aisle seat. But what is not acceptable is the op and other's language about her weight. There are many factors that could contribute to her weight including: depression, slow metabolism, low income/ multiple jobs, or even personal choice. Before people say that personal choice isn't a valid reason, why shouldn't tattoos or piercings be discriminated against but weight is ok? In the end the woman was an asshole but op could have spoke up and asked to switch seats. So, while they had no control over their initial predicament it is in some way op's fault that they stayed in that situation. Even though there is no guarantee the woman would have moved the op never tried to get her to as far as the information in the fml states.

Because tattoos piercings don't physically affect your comfort? You may not like them, but I've never witnessed a tattoo or piercing to cause someone to be crushed against a window or wall.

I foresee this comment section getting shut down due to fatphobes.

wolfgirl310 20

As a girl with hypothyroidism I'm obese but I hardly even eat my dr knows this too.not all of us that are fat can help it

You are part of that small percentage dear

And that's the reason you are fat actually, if you don't eat enough, your body identifies it as a situation of survival with little food available and stores even the slightest fat it finds. I'm surprised your "doctor" didn't tell you about that. Besides, i know people with hypoT and my mother who has a very slow metabolism and has a hard time staying in shape but none of them are that fat. With the required medication, a healthy diet and enough exercise, you don't get morbidly obese, stop making excuses, unless you're paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair like a vegetable, yes it's your fault if you get fat to that point.

Screw you, dude. My mother is a vegetarian who loves excercise but she couldn't get out of her bed and walk down the street without a day of rest and went up several dress sizes - if she didn't previously have hyperthyroidism she definitely would have become very obese. Now, 5-10 years later, and she's been back down to her previous weight after a LOT of work and some serious trauma. It doesn't matter if you believe (with no evidence) that a small percentage of obese people haven't acquired that weight through an illness. There is no reason to throw childish insults at people for being unwell.

I'm always amazed at how many thin people on the internet know everything there is to know about obesity. I always wonder, if they know exactly how everyone can lose weight, why not just go into business and make a million bucks?

Maybe "thin people on the internet" are actually thin because they know how to stay in shape or used to be fat and got back to a healthy weight, despite illness or metabolism, so yes, they know how to lose weight and you really don't need to be a genius for that.