By Anonymous - 19/12/2011 20:08 - United States

Today, my wife threatened to end our relationship if I didn't skip work and stay at home. She's into astrology, and apparently when one of those money-grubbing frauds writes, "Betrayal will come from someone close to you", it's reason enough to suspect that I'll cheat on her. FML
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Torva_fml 16

You told her that she needs a new hobby, right?

The_Troller 14


Torva_fml 16

You told her that she needs a new hobby, right?

Torva_fml 16

She cought you red handed before you even cheated, you bastard! Forgive me for #1, it was lame.

WeAreAHurricane 14

People like her ruin astrology :(

The_Troller 14

I don't know that a new hobby would be any better, this one is fairly harmless. Just make sure she doesn't take up knife collecting.

n_epic_fail 14

That's when you a) get her a shrink b) find her a new hobby c) if all else fails start running in the opposite direction.

WeAreAHurricane 14

For some people it's a fun hobby...people chose to believe what they want and their way to believe it.

It's not harmless if it causes marital strife and missed work.

eyeIoveyou 4

she lacks in an important quality in a relationship - trust.

I don't understand how the human race is stupid enough (some of us anyways) to believe in this kind of crap. It's just pathetic.

obviousboy 8

I bet you like twilight too, don't you? :P

obviousboy 8

My previous comment was clearly meant for weareahurricane lol.

Astrology definately has a role in society as it has been used for thousands of years but to predict current trends of millions of people is ludacris

If we r talking crazy rappers, I still vote Ludacris...

In general I don't find rapping all that interesting as far as music goes, all though I have heard some good rap songs.

Wow she's that retarded? Maybe it's best she lock herself in a room for a few years.

PYLrulz 17

134 - I think (hopefully) what the person is getting at is that it had it's time and place.

Mrmisfit, i think you saved us from the music rap debate. I applaud your efforts lol.

132 - there is a clear difference between slavery, animal sacrifice and astrology, by thousands of years I would hope most people would assume I was referring to the relevance astrology had in ancient times and their understanding of it and building things in relation to it. In that sense, trying to discover how they accurately depicted those things, astrology has it's role.

The_Troller 14
xSonic 9

You should sooo add me on xbox 'The_Troller' X Classy Cow X

I thought it was "bitches be trippin"... ;p

I thought the exact words even before I clicked on the comments.

^^^ Now there is. Your comment. Ohhhhhhhhh! Apologies for the middle school humor.

Don't let her turn the tables on you, soon she won't let you out the kitchen.

Confucius also say 'man who runs in front of car, get tired. Man who runs behind car, get exhausted.' I say OP in this marriage, is tired.

desireev 17

Confucius also says 'a naked man never fears a pick-pocket' Lol I thought I'd share..

G0v3nat0r 7

She obviously isn't mature enough to trust you

That's a tough one to tell your boss. Hopefully you made a good day out of it. That is if you stayed home.

She is stupid beyond belief if she is going to take the word of her horoscope and not let her husband make his hard earned income. Dumb bitch...

It really seems like she's one of those stereotypical lardass wives that fester in their couch all day, poring over the horoscopes while munching on Little Debbie snack cakes and puffing on a Marlboro cigarette, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I'm just wondering if the dude knew about her penchant for believing in stupid shit before he married her, because that would be his own damn fault. Like in most marriage-related problems, OP must first try to dissuade her from being a gullible idiot who makes bullshit threats. If that doesn't work, then...well, you know. The "d" word. |the kid|

What, you don't believe that 1/12 of the entire human race will betray someone close to them today?