By MonCoiffeurAdoré - 28/06/2012 02:43

Today, I caught my stylist in the mirror attempting to get his colleague to laugh by spitting on my head while washing my hair. FML
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Complain to the manager and get something free! :D

mpj13 8

Someone is not getting a tip


Complain to the manager and get something free! :D

What an asshole, the haircut should be free with included apology an extra hair wash. Thats just disgusting and rude.

Ty2win 3

Or sue and get something free ;) spitting is considered assault due to transmission of diseases

MetalxSoldier 26

Maybe her stylist used to be a porn star and is just accustomed to spitting on heads before she "does her thang" ;)

The stylist is a man.

17- are you American? Because in France we don't sue for every little thing that happen to us. ( OP is apparently French).

Someone spitting on you isn't a little thing and worth a bit more than a free haircut

coolboy675 16

41 - French username doesn't necessitate OP being French. With your logic, we should assume all FMLs with an English username without a country come from someone who's English.

We got the same flm a week or two in the French version... So I'm guessing OP's French but you're right I might be wrong.

utopium_fml 1

#44: No but the "Translated from the french version of FML. Bon appétit!" mention prolly implies OP is actually French, as 99% of the users of the french version are french... And #41 is right, the "suing" thing is something very specific to the US. Spitting on someone would be qualified as an assault or something similar by French laws, but no one would actually sue someone here for something that "little", nor would it be easy to get the employee fired (it's the customer's word against the employee's...)

ThisIsMyReign 4

You deserve it if all you did about that is post this FML. Did you at least get him fired?

robincakes94 8

49- I'm an American and I would have reacted the same way you would have. I've been to many hair stylist and I have never seen a tip jar in the salon. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you have went to every hair salon in France. One may have a tip jar, you never know. :)

Am I the only one that is reading the French people, or French wannabes insulting us and saying we sue for every little thing? If you have nothing better to do than insulting America, please stay on the French site. Spitting on someone here ( and there) is assault. Assault by any means in not a "little thing" i would rather be punched in the face then be spit on. I guess Americans are just more up for defending themselves and their rights than the French.

I'm sorry if you would just smile and say " oo la la" and rub the spit into your hair and give them a sultry smirk and say " wee wee?" that is not how we would respond

The typical American only talks about suing someone and in reality we usually only sue people over thefts, assaults, and car accidents if it's bad enough. Every once in a while you will see someone abuse the system but that is the minority.

100- *oui oui

You're bitching about people stereotyping Americans, then you potentially stereotype the French ("you French") based on this one person's comment? I'm loving the hypocrisy here, shithead.

DerpyDerper 7

I'm pretty sure he said "You French" because the other two people were trying to talk for their whole nation saying "No one in France...". But I don't know that's just what I was thinking.

LifeTheMoment 6

Americans actually don't sue over "every little thing" either? He was obviously kidding and might not even be American so don't be an ass.

MetalxSoldier- Ummm, what? I'm curious as to how that even begins to cross your mind?

Time for a new stylist OP!

mylifesucks_fml 1

or a new salon for that fact if his colleague was involved pretty much too!

ExtremeEncounter 32

Should have whipped around and broken the stylist's face OP.

mpj13 8

Someone is not getting a tip

Here's a tip! (Reaches into pocket, then hesitates). Oh wait a sec. (Spits in the tip jar). xP

HelloGuys 4

I think you mean "someone is not getting paid. & also getting sued or fired"?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Or sued and fired.

utopium_fml 1

As a matter of fact, in France (the FML is translated from the french version of the website), we do not tip hair stylists. Ever. And we don't sue people for this kind of things either. Nor is it possible to have someone fired just by complaining to their boss. Actually, I don't think you do any of these things anywhere but in the US, do you? The only option left was basically to beat the shit out of the stylist and to make a huge scene so everyone knows. That might be what OP did!

robincakes94 8

Damn, and my above comment was in response to this comment, same person at least...

Ya, that and someone is getting sued!

You have one generous stylist. Everyone knows spits good for the scalp!

Javee 17

Bet the colleague didn't even laugh.

Spit in his face, that should make you even

Shadowvoid 33

Never, at any time is it okay to spit in someones face.

Umm, in this case, it's okay to spit wherever OP pleases.

What??? What does this mean???

Pimp Slap: To slap a hoe across the face with the back of the hand so pimp rings leave a lasting imprint

wow what a dumbass! as if you're not going to see that in the mirror

Mademoiselle_fml 34

You should've caught it on film. Then squeeze every dollar possible out of them.

Yeah OP just carry around a video camera or have your finger poised over the record button on your iPhone always- just in case someone does something awful to you! How exactly do you propose they would've caught it on camera? Forgive me but I certainly would not have been thinking to get it on camera if someone was spitting on my head, I'd be winding up my punching arm.

missamazinggg 12

Or what about a security camera?

Mademoiselle_fml 34

Lol well of course not that way, but I was assuming that perhaps they would do it more than once. I for one, after seeing the first time they spit in my hair, would whip out my cellphone and have it ready for if they tried to do it again. But yeah either way I would also be ready to kick some ass haha Or, yeah, security cameras are an option as well :3

arri3_21 3

That sucks ö you needa new stylist

Other than the lack of a space between "need" and "a" there was nothing wrong. I'm assuming that "ö" was a single character version of ":O" Don't be a douche.

Ö Ü .... I like that!!

rcgirl2 11

Maybe you should find a more professional stylist.

californialovin 5

I would think that any stylist has the common decency to not spit on their clients hair.

rcgirl2 11

Apparently not this one.