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Today, I proposed to my girlfriend, only for her to slap me, throwing the "fake ring" away and storming off, convinced it was a cruel joke. FML
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Dude. Don't waste no more time with her. Find that ring and kick her to the curb.


Dude. Don't waste no more time with her. Find that ring and kick her to the curb.

Eh... I wouldn't kick her to the curb, to be honest, that's a very real reaction. She could've just been shocked by its suddenness. Then again, I'm a guy, she's a girl, so I don't really know what's going on in her head.

Dodged a bullet there...if she acted like that you shouldn't marry her anyways. I hope you find the ring though OP. Good luck:)

Hmm, we don't know what the relationship is like. Maybe he's said he'll never get married, maybe he pulls pranks a lot.

"Dude", seriously? Who would be dumb enough to dumb someone over something like that?!

OP maybe you should call her and explain to her that you weren't kidding.... Also, congrats op :-) hopefully you're engaged now? Lol

OP's gf's reaction is not the sign of a well-balanced individual

If she thinks that's a cruel joke, breakup with her to see if she thinks that's a cruel joke!

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I don't see why she would think it's a cruel joke... I mean who proposes to someone for ***** and gigs?

I actually know people that would prank-propose for the sadistic pleasure #49, there's always those types of people in the world. ALWAYS

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I think there might be an actual reason for her to think it was a joke.. Or maybe she is just an idiot

Maybe she has a long history of getting her heart broken in ways like this and now she has self esteem issues. Maybe you should talk to her about it, OP..

Reminds me of another FML where the boyfriend got down on one knee at a restaurant, took out a little box, and when he opened it just had a note instead that said "we're done". The same girl could be OP's girlfriend.

I wonder what the ring looked like. If it looked like a breakfast cereal ring, I'd understand her response.

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Those're some oddly violent tendencies she's got there. Spawning violence out of an otherwise tame situation appears to be a sign of improperly handling stress anyways.

Wow. I missed that one. But...that's my reference when I say if there was another fake proposal known about, OP could've made arrangements

I agree with 4. It sounds like maybe OP has pranked proposed before, or talked about getting married and then told her he was joking. Or maybe the ring was a plastic cereal box type ring? I find it unlikely (possible yes, but unlikely) that she just totally freaked out and responded like that without a bit of a reason. Her reaction may have been overboard (especially the slap) but it sounds to me like OP has maybe joked around about serious matters before or there's something in her past that made her have this type of reaction. Of course there's always the possibility that the girlfriend is totally crazy, but if so, you think he would've picked up on that earlier on.

Why would she think that? OP must have done something wrong. Or she's just crazy in which case she's not worth the time.

Agreed^. And if she is crazy, you'd think OP would have picked up on this earlier on.

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There's gotta be some reason she'd think you were joking..

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Have you fake proposed before or did you propose to her while wearing a clown outfit?

Sounds like something Cam would do from Modern Family. Lol.

Either OP ****** up her perception of him which caused her to think it was a joke, or the girl is just plain crazy

High maintenance. Clearly she doesn't appreciate the gesture. She should be lucky. Not all of us even get the chance.

So thinking your boyfriend was kidding with a proposal makes you high maintenance?

63. It indicates a personality that requires a lot of stroking to maintain equilibrium. High maintainance.

#63, Yes. Yes it does. Especially if you slap the guy and knock the ring out of his hand. That it the very definition of a bitch move, therefore making you "high maintenance"

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You should not be trying to marry someone who acts like that.