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Today, I posted a Facebook status on how I hated the new Batman movie. I'm now single, and have received multiple threats. FML
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Well, what did you expect? Batman is awesome!

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions- just not that opinion!


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Everyone's entitled to their own opinions- just not that opinion!

Haha I was right about the first comment:) If you checked the replies... Yeah this comment is getting thumbed down as you are reading it but OH WELL! And no I am not rambling! Oh, a kitty... Goochie goochie goo!

28- Opinions are like assholes... Everyone has them and they all stink.

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I've found that every time someone says the batman movie wasnt good, they get verbally attacked. Its their freaking opinion and it doesnt affect you. It's just a movie and to get riled up to the point of making death threats is pathetic IMO.

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I didn't like it, either.

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Nanananananana BATMAN! Is the shit. And so are the movies. YDI. (:

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I'm gonna go aurora on you ! -.-

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I had only seen part of the first batman and I fully understood and enjoyed this one, it was a great movie in my opinion. FYL that you're boyfriend/girlfriend had broken up with you because of it, I feel like there has to be more of a backstory to why you were broken up with.

Well I didn't like it either, and I will tell you why. The first thing I noticed was that the acting was not great. It was mediocre at best. The second thing I noticed was that Batman is absolutely terrible at keeping his identity a secret. At the middle of the movie, most every other major character knew all about Bruce Wayne's expensive adventures. another major flaw was that the movie was actually incredibly predictable. Anyone who has watched a movie before could pretty much tell what would happen next. Something I personally didn't like at all was that Batman spent 70% of the movie in jail, 25% of the movie as a normal billionaire guy, and 2.5% getting his ass kicked, and 2.5% actually kicking ass. And did anyone else noticed that while he was In the Batman suit, he never closed his mouth and his tongue would roll around and flip to and fro, and that was annoying. And if you have read this so far, it's because you either watched the movie or aren't afraid of spoilers, so you know that at the end he dragged a nuclear bomb with a blast radius of 6 miles out into the water. And it exploded. At least 10+ miles out in the sea. Oh, and he did it in 20 seconds. That never has made sense to me. And the he would have to go an extra 3 miles before he would have been completely obliterated by the initial blast, which he managed, and miraculously survived. So go ahead, thumb me down to oblivion. I had to get this off my chest somewhere, and someone finally set me up here. OP, FML users and subscribers, I thank you for your time. So what was the thing everyone liked so much about it, just curious?

He survived at the end because he installed autopilot in the flying thing as the movie hints at after that scene. It made sense to most people I thought.

jesus 102 write a whole damn ******* book while your at it.

Yes but he was still in the machine at 0:03 seconds

And it was impossible to just write one small comment with what I needed to say.

1) The acting was fantastic, every actor/actress made me believe he/she was the character. 2) Batman kept his identity secret from all the citizens of Gotham, millions of people, and you are annoyed because about 5 or 6 major characters, who have powerful resources, found out who he is? 3) The movie was not entirely predictable, or did you actually think that the good guys would eventually lose in a Batman movie? 4) That's the f*cking plot you moron. I take it you didn't see The Dark Knight. In that movie he takes the fall for Harvey Dent's murder, and is hated by all of Gotham now. Do you expect him to stick his neck out a lot if the entire city has branded him a criminal? 5) Oh for f*cks sake you have got to be kidding me. What are you five? You not liking the design of the costume is not a reason to dislike a movie. BTW, this exact part of the design is explained in The Dark Knight, that the mouth is exposed so that you can hear the truth (as opposed to the lies you hear from other sources). 6) I'm now convinced you are a moron. At the end of the movie we are told that Bruce Wayne fixed the autopilot on the Bat, so he simply sent it off far away to explode, WITHOUT him being there. And the reason why it could have gotten so far in so little time, is because it's the f*cking Bat, it was built to do this. In conclusion, only the first reason you gave was a valid opinion, and I disagree completely. I suggest you get your head out of your *ss and actually watch the movie.

I think everyone should calm down. He didn't like the movie for his reasons. You like the movie for yours. Leave it at that and don't get so worked up over it. It is JUST a movie. Jeez-a-loo you people. Name calling? Really? Have we lost all common sense and decency?

There are several things wrong with what you just said. First, I never said I didn't like the design of the costume, I just didn't like how he would never close his mouth while wearing the costume. Next, I said in another comment that it shows him, in all his bat-like glory, sitting in the cockpit at 0:03 seconds before the bomb explodes. Autopilot does not mean he is magically warped to a safe distance. He would have to be able to travel 1 mile every 2 seconds to be able to get away from said blast, which I'm pretty sure is not possible.

And I mean after Bane kicked his ass and broke his back and sent him to the big hole in the ground. And I understand the 25% of the movie as a normal guy, I'm sure the suit gets itchy and uncomfortable after a few hours

Also he got from tibet to america and into gotham city under lock down completely unimpeded in 6 hours. (according to movie clocks) also the time till detonation goes up and down constantly. Also he fixed his completely broken spine with a rope. And the power of a nuclear bomb is well beyond what was depictded. The radiation wud still kill everyone. Also banes crew neatly piled up cars over 50 feet high to block the tunnel. Also why is the new york stock exchange in gotham?

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ooo!! fml fight! I'll get my popcorn!!!

Get a grip, people have their own favourite batman movies. Mine personally is Batman returns but 90% of fans think that's the worst one.

I can't thumb up on the mobile app because your post is too huge soooo THUMBS UP! I thought in dark knight he sounded like he had throat cancer!

Batman probably wasn't still in the Bat with 3 seconds left. It's movie editing for dramatic effect, so the audience would think he's still in danger when he's in the clear. It's not being shown in real time. Tons of movies and tv shows do this. Plus they never fully show Batman in the Bat, just a closeup of him. It could have also been a shot of him while in his escape pod. If you needed Christopher Nolan to explain every little detail in the movie to you, the movie would be at least 4 hours long. Use some imagination...

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146 you don't need to use the thumbs at the bottom to thumb up on the mobile version. Just go to the middle of the long post and slide your finger to the right and the thumb up, thumb down, and reply button should show up.

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I think that if you start to look at every discrepancy in every movie we'll never be satisfied. Movies have flaws and some scenes are not that realistic but it's a movie. Get it over it.

When it comes to timers in movies, they're never accurate. Go see ANY movie with a timer bomb or something similar and do your own countdown, every hero would've failed

Conclusion: you're all retarded. No one gives a **** about your opinions, it's a movie to watch and enjoy, not point every flaw. It's about the action, about the story. I feel sorry for people like you who can't even enjoy a movie. The original poster deserves it for trying to get attention, when no one asked for his opinion. Breaking up with someone for that reason is harsh though, but the threats were probably not serious

102- I thought the reason he didn't mind revealing his identity to those certain few is because through the whole movie he was thinking that was it for him. That he didn't mind them knowing, and actually wanted them to know because he knew/thought that he was going to be done will all of the batman stuff after this last defense of Gotham City. And didn't you notice he pretty much had a death wish for some of the movie? It makes sense to why he would reveal his identity to a few.

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122, think about it. It's batman. You think he doesn't have an escape pod? He launched the pod after he blew up that building and thats where he stayed until the explosion went off. Also, he didn't have 20 seconds he had two minutes (ridiculous still) but more believable than 20 seconds.

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I love you 151, you made my life better in every way now.

I watched the movie in honor of the people who died going to see it and I thought it was a pretty good movie. And the reason they had the Mew York stock exchange is because Gotham City is New York.

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About the nuke thing, he had auto pilot which they discussed during the movie

To all the people who are upset over the movie being unrealistic: Batman is a comic book character. Why would you expect it to be realistic? It would be even more unrealistic if they took more things out of the comic like parallel universes where Batman can be both dead and alive at once.

151 - thank you! That is awesome to know.

I didn't like it either. They tried to cram WAY too much plot into it and the suspension of disbelief required to accept it was unreasonable. It was the worst of the trilogy.

Ok well do you remember the first blast he made into the building before he went over the bridge; that is where it was all auto piloted. Next I love Anne Hathaway so she's a great actress right there. On another note his mouth is probably opened all the time due to his mask it can be uncomfortable who knows? And well what do you except it's a movie. Along with the visual effects and the plot it was well great for me. I watched it 3x so I know what is going on the only thing that displeased me was how bane died so easily from when catwoman shot him from batmans bike. &i think since batman wasnt around dice he was in jail cuz he got caught his city burned down thus the people of Gotham didn't believe in themselves and that machine was part of Wayne's business so of course he had to do something. His machine, his city, and his people. I loved how it ended and that was the last movie of the triology they did say new making of the next movie would be of robin being batman since he was given the cave and Bruce is living his life finally. Which is disappointing since the business is split his house is given away and on what money will robin have to do what batman could? Oh the possibilities but that is just lead to imagination. :D I LOVE MARVEL x.x favorite: hawk girl HOORAHHH

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I loved the movie till 102 shat all over it. Opened my eyes to nearly every flaw, thanks a lot..

I don't like the fact that you didn't like the movie but you explained yourself really well so I thumbed you up

IMO the movie was good, but not oscar material. Had a good storyline, semi-good actors (Morgan Freeman), Good special effects. LOTS of flaws. LOTS of unanswered questions. HOW can Bruce make it from the Middle East to Gotham in only a day? HOW does he have the money for it? The awful twist endding was just horrendous too. The worst in the series. But I still liked it none the less.

I didn't care for it, either. I think the bomb scene was supposed to be explained by the autopilot thing, but that still doesn't quite work. What annoyed me about it was there seemed to be a lot of gratuitous shooting. I don't care if there's a few scenes where people shoot each other, since I guess it's supposed to be an action movie, but when it's not even clear who's shooting who and why, it just seems like half the scenes were in there just because they needed an excuse to show off the prop guns, which cost a ton of money (or were donated by some bigwig they needed to impress.) Funny thing is, though, I posted on FB that I didn't like it and I just got responses from people who agreed with me.

He built a cruise control for the bat plane it said in the end idiot. Actually watch the movie.

He updated the software for the "bat" without Lucius knowing so it could fly in auto pilot he was never in the "bat" after he crashed into that first building. Just because you didn't understand because you are a dipshit

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Thank you very much, you're one of the only people making sense in this childish arguement! I think the OP did NOT deserve to be broken up with because of his opinion on a Batman movie... Seriously!?!? Everyone has their own opinions and that was his. End of story

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How about when all of his friends are about to die as they walk over ice and Batman thinks its a perfect time to paint a giant batman symbol into the bridge in gasoline? You know, rather than save them? Or when a gun is pointed straight at Robin's face and Catwoman kicks the gun. While the guy's finger is practically squeezing the trigger? You know what people do when they get kicked? They tense. Smart move, Catwoman. Or when Batman is just hands Robin a live grenade before meandering off. He could have just thrown the damn thing (even though it did nothing and was more of a terrible way to show off his cool new non-aerodynamic flying machine), but no, let's potentially try and blow up someone to test their reflexes. Then Batman comes back and shoots a machine gun in basically at Robin (do you have any idea how low accuracy those things are?). Look, I get his trying to test out his future-sidekick for the movie goers, but at that stage Robin is just this detective trying to help people. Batman wasn't even that much of a jackass to the Joker. Plus Bane's voice sounded like Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart had a baby with Barry White's vocal cords. Hearing Batman and Bane have a conversation was like watching to idiots try to growl at each other. He manages to climb out of the prison. Even though Batman's MO is to save people, he just kinda half-assedly tosses down a rope and goes "good enough. at least now my exit will look badass." And the WORST moment, is when the military guys blow up the bridge. I dunno if the people who wrote this have no idea about military procedure, or just logic in general, but if there's a pretty damn high chance the military is gonna establish communication with the creators of said technology; namely Wayne Enterprises. And the Wayne-Enterprises-bomb-squad conveniently know that the bomb is gonna blow no matter what, and instead of alerting the military (which are currently holding an entire population hostage in a city for god knows why) they just go, "oh hell let's just take care of it ourselves." So what if we mess up and an entire city is blown to smithereens and millions die. I fell through a plot hole and couldn't get out.

Don't think there is any point of watching this movie now.. I basically know what's going to happen now anyways.

Considering the movie was made after a comic book, and you probably read it, is why you thought it was predictable.

So this is where the comments are at! Take a photo honey!

If you go to the middle of the post and slide your thumb across from left to right you can like it :)

I can't like ur reply on a mobile sorry... But also if the blast is 5 miles the neclear fall out would go beyond 15 atleast.... Also there could be a hole in the ozone from the blast or a neclear winter around there

Everyone had their own opinion, not going to disagree with you there, but even though I liked the batman movies, the last one was a bit suss when he survived the bomb explosion until you hear what happens after, which is, that batman used the auto pilot to take the bomb further, so he could of easily dropped out of the machine outside the bomb radius

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248, the assets were recollected at the end of the movie, that's all for you I personally didn't find the movie terrible, but I saw too many elements from the second in it, giving the citizens chances, putting them against one another, and what irked me was, bruce was looking for cool stuff in the first two movies, yet never found the bat or the awesome joint and strength augmentation, personally the augment would have been first on my list, what's the point of awesome gear if you can hardly move with it on. And I do agree with the idiotic walking off in tibet to end up in gotham, especially with no access to his resources nor his vehicles, and being a hobbled man. Not a great movie, and had quite a few too many loop arounds in the story, it was quite simply I think too much effort to build on a fan base to contend with the avengers. But still a good movie and was worth seeing.

I didn't like it either, until it got to the end

Ok i dont blame you for not liking it cuz you do have the right to think that But bane only knew bruce was batman because... Well, how do i put this? Oh yeah, HE'S FREAKING BANE!! How wouldn't he be able to figure it out? The guy's smart. and it specifically says at the end that he fixed the auto pilot on the bat so thats why he survived the blast Most of all, ITS A FREAKING MOVIE you really expect every little detail to be realistic (just realized while typing that how much this relates to smosh :D) Also just pay attention to the freaking plot!! That would make the jail and all that make sense I thought it was a great movie At least it wasn't like a transformers movie (which i like but have to admit) where its pretty much just explosions, foghting robots, and megan fox/rosie huntington-whiteley I respect your opinion about the movie but i dont respect the way you think about it

The movie was ******* amazing for crying out loud!!!!!!!! Get your ******* head out of your ass's people!! My god.

If people would only just read my other comments... I understand that there was autopilot, but what I was saying was that the movie specifically showed him in the Bat when there was 3 seconds left on the bomb timer. Autopilot does NOT mean he is automatically at a safe distance from a nuclear bomb that has an initial blast radius of at least 3 miles. But, since my first rant, which was made way back in the summer, I have taken a softer outlook on the movie. I eventually came to realize that it isn't as bad as I made it sound. It just disappointed me because it wasn't nearly as good as the Dark Knight. I'm very sorry if I hurt your feelings over a movie. Wow that sounds sarcastic as hell while I'm typing it, but I'm serious. Goodbye everybody.

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LOL at 102 you could've wrote that on paper and published it.

"The original poster deserves it for trying to get attention, when no one asked for his opinion." WTF, so apparently posting a opinion is trying to get attention according to you? The OP was not trying to get attention, he was just making a post. Even if he was just trying to get attention, he in no way deserves death threats and being broke up with. I get the feeling you are the type that gets offended seeing people dis the movies you like. If that is the case then grow the **** up. I don't understand why your shitty comment got so many thumbs up.

It's okay, comic book nerds can't fight well.

bitch, please. I'm 6 foot 2, 180 pounds and train MMA everyday :P and im still a comic nerd.

56- That comment was just an excuse for you to brag about yourself, admit it.

70- oh really? I'll have you know that i'm 5"4 and 270 pounds and I too am a batman fan. You got me at the fighting part though...

When your movie credibility is in ashes... You have my permission to say Wrath Of Khan was a good movie

Im 5'6" 210 pounds and have a neck beard. My favorite food is cheezy puffs and my mom lives with ME i just sleep in the basement and let her have the bedroom cuz she buys me cheezy puffs.

Thanks! reading your comment will be a great start to my day! well done.

mduffy08 8

Your weapon of choice: fists. My weapon of choice: gun.

It's unamerican to not like batman! Or any of the comic book heros! ( and no I'm not a "comic book nerd" )

keven501 12

You don't need to be a comic book nerd to like batman because batman is the shit!

201 - It's not unAmerican to not like Batman. It is, however, American to demonstrate your freedom of speech and opinion. OP never said they particularly didn't like Batman himself, just the movie.

eric40962005 8

5' 4" 270 a lil round are we?

I have a friend who hated bane in the movie because he was nothing like in the comics.

Pooks7 12

I can guarentee my 6' 3" body builder boyfriend can fight incredibly well

Pooks7 12

#201 I completely disagree with the batman comment, but I am all on board with the any other comic hero comment. btw, total comic book chick

Well, what did you expect? Batman is awesome!

But to be dropped by his girlfriend over him not liking a movie!? Sheesh!

I know, that's a bit far. But how could anyone hate batman?! That's just crazy!!

I absolutely loved it! Was fabulously long and very engrossing. Usually I don't like to sit for so long but the time just flew!

StitchnLilo 24

I hate how there might not be another one

There is going to be more Batman movies, but Christopher Nolan (the director) has stated that he isn't going to work on anymore Batman movies.

JurassicHole 5

I love TDK, but as for TDKR it was just alright. The last hour of the movie was amazing and I stand firmly by the fact if they'd chopped out a half hour or more it would've been just as good as TDK. It had serious pacing issues, which at first I thought might just be me being tired, but after sitting through the movie 3 times I always found myself nodding off. You get sucked in at the half way mark, but it wasn't a perfect movie. A lot better than the Avengers though... Also, let's all get out our crosses and crucify everyone who doesn't share our unquestioning love for a movie. /sarcasm

Interesting point. I'll accept because I respect your opinion.

I know right! He's the best super hero! How could you hate him?!?

JOcoco 14

45 - You do realize he only said he hates The New Batman Movie, right? That doesn't necessarily mean he hates batman. I for one didn't really like it either, even though batman is one of my top favorite heroes. I like the one by Tim Burton better.

OP never said he hated Batman... He said he didn't like the last Batman movie. I was disappointed by it too, because I expected too much from it, considering how awesomely intense was the Dark Night. The last one is just too long, and goes in every directions. I really liked the plot, but didn't like how it has been directed.

Spottedfeather 7

Not the last three movies. The only Batman movies worth watching are the original two. And the last two just for the camp value.

What about the threats? Let everyone take this as a warning. NEVER ADMIT TO HATING THE BATMAN MOVIES IN WRITING! just don't do it

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Why is everyone focusing on the relationship with the bimbo, I'd be more concerned about the numerous threats from unstable friends. Seriously OP, how have you managed to surround yourself with human trash?

Well I enjoyed the movie. It was not the best of the 3 I thought but still entertaining. Anyway, I agree if your girlfriend dumped you over a movie, trust me, you are better off. This is the type of girls who would have dumped you anyway if you didn’t like her new rainbow nail polish for example. As for the people who sent you threats, again, just unfriend them and feel sorry for them. They clearly need a life…

Laby_fml 9

I find it funny how everyone is voting "deserved it" just because you have your own opinion on a movie. If you're boyfriend breaks up with you for having your own say on a movie, then he's not worth being with. Don't let it get you down, because the whole scenario is asinine.

PhishloverA 14

I agree #203, because OP hated the Batman movie he gets more YDI's than FYL's. That's messed up. OP can't deserve it for having his own opinion. Anyone who votes YDI for this is just a butthurt comic book nerd. But I guess those idiots also have their opinions on whether OP deserves it

LilSista1394 6

Look at the whole picture, People! I HIGHLY DOUBT she left him just b/c of a movie! There is obviously more to her reasoning than he is lettin on! Grow the **** up! The threats, I'm sure they didn't mean them! If its your friends, it was in good fun! How dumb & fuckibg stupid can y'all be! Damn !

I thought Batman was awesome! Well people have their own opinions..

But some people take opposing opinions personally, even on trivial stuff like this. God knows why. I nearly lost a friend because I didn't like the dark knight.

missababgaga 19

Oh goodness, did you really!? I enjoyed The Dark Night, but for me personally it kept dragging out the first time I saw it. But beside the point, its awful that you almost lost a friend because of your different opinion on a movie.

And mine is that anyone who gets so hyped up on another's opinion of something as trivial as a movie clearly has nothing important to do

Meh. I don't like watching movies that don't catch my attention, and the batman trailer didnt. I feel your pain.

kay1231 1

I hate batman in general he's not even a super hero he's just some wanna be with dumb villains.

citymayer 7

I tend to agree with you. But Batman is number two on my list of two comic book things I like. So obviously I'm not exactly a fan of these things.

Him being human makes me all the more a super hero. Knowing that he can die like all the rest of us, but continues to fight for justice. That's a hero. Some of the other super heroes like superman are way too strong in my opinion. But that's way there's so many different super hero comics etc. My favorite super heroes is the US military that's fights my freedom.

#37 Batman is lame because he hides behind his persona. A real hero doesn't look for trouble.

That is not true. A real hero is someone who gives up their life for others, who does what needs to be done. It is not as if he is looking for trouble, it is that he has the resources, talent and abilities to take down the trouble that was there. Gotham has very weird villains in it, people who have no trouble blowing shit up or making people suffer for no other reason than it is amusing. So I think the fact that he knows the world blows, has lost his parents to crime and worked to use his skills to take down people who would hurt others, is what makes him a hero. He puts his job before everything else, he has no real family, no wife, he works at his business and takes down crime. How is that not a hero?

The_F3rris 11

#37 the military isnt fighting for your freedom. Havent you seen full metal jacket? They are fighting to police and control the world by using force and pretending they are there to help.

RoxannaBro1 0

Omg I agree with u!! I hate batman too.

kay1231 1

I don't see him as a super hero simply because he grabs his suit then wonders around the city looking for anything to do. The other super hero's because they actually save the whole world. Batman is more realistic but less exciting.

I look for an exciting adventure with two people duking it out with superhuman powers, not a crime fighting, "detective" in a suit. But it doesn't stop me from enjoying the comics nonetheless.

#140 if you take a movie like that seriously then, you have issue. Policing can uses to protect your freedom against other who seek to destroy it. Specially destroying the threat before its gets to us. Have you forgotten 9/11? I don't care what anyone says I support our troops, no matter what. They fight because they are ordered to because they signed up to fight for this country they give up their lives, family, friends, home, car, their live if need to be protect all the ones they love and for their country. That's why their my heroes. They fight we stay safe at home and people like you talk trash on them. However they know this and will still do it because your FREEDOM to say that trash and they fight for it. Think about that before you try to take away from them trying to say there not heroes.

Sorry for poor grammar, when I write with emotion. It's hard to keep myself calm enough to write with correct grammar.

140, your going to trust a cartoon to make your opinion for you

Your a retarded, please never reproduce

140 you're absolutely right. I mean remembrance day is just for the hell of it

Ninja_assassinXD 8

"You're not just wrong, you're stupid." -Cat In The Hat


He's not suppose to be a 'superhero' he's still a hero though, he wanted to help his city instead of watching it burn to the ground it shows kids you don't have to have a super power to be important in the world.

37 - if you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

I decided that you deserved it, but your punishment must be more severe...

I spent basically all of yesterday quoting Bane's lines in the movie while trying to use his voice. It's fun! Everyone should try it. Lol

93 I didn't know they made deadpool Legos.

Seriously??? Wow. People need to get lives. **** 'em, OP. You're clearly too good for those morons.

By that I mean anyone who would break up with their boy/girlfriend or threaten their friend over something as trivial as an opinion on a ******* MOVIE is clearly too immature and idiotic to deserve a friend or significant other. I don't know about the movie because I haven't seen it yet, but to say these people are acting like children is an insult to children everywhere.

citymayer 7

Thank you! It's seriously not a big deal.

LilSista1394 6

I doubt she broke up with him just because of a movie, there is obviously something more behind her leaving him. Instead of wasting his time posting his pity party, be productive & figure out what other reasons she had for leaving him. Just cuz he didn't tell his whole story, it doesn't give you the right to call people morons!

annaloove 2

How could you hate that movie!? It was One of the best movies this year! You deserve it!

WTF??? That's not the comment I replied to. And now the comment I did reply to is gone. *Ahem* Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

WTF??? That's not the comment I replied to. And now the comment I did reply to is gone. *Ahem* Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

Got to disagree Avengers was the best movie of the year so far.... That's however will most likely change when the Hobbit comes out... My precious. ( in my Gollum voice)

WTF??? That's not the comment I replied to. And now the comment I did reply to is gone. *Ahem* Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

WTF??? That's not the comment I replied to. And now the comment I did reply to is gone. *Ahem* Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

Just because she didn't like a movie doesn't mean she deserved to be dumped. People have different tastes